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2/5/13: I did it.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

I know this may seem silly to some people, but I am really proud of myself right now.

I told you all on Sunday that I was going to go to the gym. I think I also told you guys... the gym was randomly closed. I didn't know until I pulled up and drove past the entrance. I was a little bit discouraged by this, because I was so excited to have a time to workout where I could just get comfortable in the gym by myself.

Well, thanks to MONICA_W, I decided to just go for it yesterday. Yes, I actually went to the gym. The arm band exercises I did on Sunday just didn't do anything for me. I didn't want to go today (lab until 6, and then a test until 9) so I did both yesterday and today's workout.

This is what I did, in it's entirety:

Shoulder Press
10 lbs x 10
30 lbs x 6, x 5, x5
20 lbs x 7, x 7

Lat Pulldown
30 lbs x 16
45 lbs x 13
60 lbs x 4, x4, x5 (that's half my weight!!!)

MTS row (what the MTS means I am not sure)
20 lbs x 8
30 lbs x 4
20 lbs x 8
25 lbs x 5, x5

Triceps extensions
10lbs x3
20lbs x1
15lbs x1
10/15 lbs x8, x8
15lbs x5, x5

Bicep Curls
10lbs x5
15lbs x5
10lbs x5, x6,x5

Deltoids (that's all the machine said... Like a lateral raise)
10lbs x2
20lbs x7
25lbs x3, x3
20lbs x6

Ab crunch
20bs x6,5,4,3

Back extension
75lbs x 1
80lbs x 1
95lbs x 1
110lbs x 8
125lbs x 8
130lbs x7, x6, x5

Finding the right weight was kind of hard, especially with the tricpes extension. The major problem I am having is that the seats can't adjust to fit me properly- I have them up as high as possible and I still can't get to where I need to be to preform the exercises exactly how they should be- which is irritating. I kind of just adjust myself (usually it involves lifting myself out of the seat- so I end up incorporating balance work- yay). I had to find the right weight, too. My goal is to do 5 sets of 5-7 reps at a weight I can handle but only barely. The triceps extension... well I found out my left arm is significantly weaker than my right. But, I think I found the right weights for the exercises! I am really excited that I can pull down 50% of my weight almost for the 5x5. Next time I'm going to try it! Warm up with the 30lbs and then do the 60 :)
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