80% diet and 20% exercise, not for me

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

To me exercise is more important to lose weight and maintaining a weight loss than diet. When I started tracking my exercise on SP, I was burning 7000 calorie a week exercising on the regular basis: the first six weeks according to my reports. I lowered that to a more manageable level of 3500. That is still a pound a week by additional exercise (exercise outside daily living.) I had been in such pain before starting to exercise that I was lying in bed most of the time so I went from very little exercise to several hours a day disappointed that I could do as much exercise a day as the people on Biggest Loser.

I now have my fitness tracker at 2300 calories to burn a week. Most weeks I'm still burning far more. I changed it from 3500 since it was difficult to reach that number with two rest days a week and often I need two rest days. I hoped lowing it to 2300 would encourage me to take two rest days a week. I'm still averaging more than 500 calories of exercise a day.

When I first started I was having trouble even eating 1200 calories a day and I was burning around thousand calories a day at the gym. No wonder, I lost around two pounds a week. Now, I'm eating around 1550 and I'm burning on the average slightly over five hundred calories a day at the gym and maintaining my weight. When I read somewhere that it takes a lot of exercise to burn a thousand calories, I laugh to myself. I can burn that in one afternoon and I'm a small woman.

We're all individuals. All I know is when I stop exercising even if I eat the same I regain the weight that I lost. If I stop exercising and eat less, I can maintain a weight loss. I know adding exercise (without changing my diet) causes me to lose weight. Adding exercise is the only way, I can lose weight. Even when I was on WW, I worked retail (lots of walking) and did exercise when I got home. Calories matter; but to me, exercise makes the difference.
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    Way to go on figuring out what works for you.
    1838 days ago
    For me it is about 50%-50%, I think.
    It kind of annoys me when the experts come out with the blanket rules that are supposed to be true for everyone. We are all unique.
    1838 days ago
    For me also exercise is key. I also suffered from a lot of pain, and dreaded being told I needed joint replacements. It hurt worse when I started walking. Then after a couple of weeks I noticed everything improving. Now if I have a day sitting doing my coursework, I'm in agony by the evening, my whole body aches, I need that exercise. It keeps the scales going down slowly too. I don't count calories, I have other means of measuring my intake, and I could no more eat a 6" sub than fly! But without exercise my weight fluctuates much more, and damn it, I like exercising! emoticon
    1838 days ago

    1842 days ago
    emoticon it does a body good!
    1844 days ago
    1844 days ago
    I'm more like Brooklyn_Born on the eating, but I wasn't doing the exercise so I do have alot of weight to lose. And I agree, I can't out exercise too many calories, good food or bad. I will also agree that without the exercise I'm doing now, I wouldn't be able to maintain the 36 lbs I've lost so far either.

    Individual variety is the spice of life, and I'm glad we're all finding the path we need to get healthier!

    Karen emoticon
    1844 days ago
    I wish I could have been like you. When I finally decided the extra weight had to go, I was regularly running 20 miles per week plus all the walking that my job (technology coordinator) involved. Hauling computer equipment around etc, etc.
    I actively and happily used my gym membership regularly and considered myself healthy and fit.

    Unfortunately, I also was consuming enormous quantities of food, even healthy food. You had trouble eating more than 1200? I had trouble staying under 2000.
    I was a perfect example of how you can't out-train a bad diet (or huge portions)
    For example, at Subway, I would eat a 12 inch sandwich all the time. Now a 6 inch is enough. My kids remember a day when I ate the whole pie. I suppose if I hadn't been so active I would have had a lot more weight to lose.

    As you say, we're all individuals. Good thing too or the world would be boring.
    However we got there, I'm glad we're both on track now.
    1844 days ago
  • MISSB8604
    Very good point.
    1844 days ago
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