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Another great visit to the dentist's! I love them now!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

I have awful teeth. This is partly genetics, and partly poor tooth care when I was younger, and another good part to my wild wayward college years. (They were not that wild, but I certainly didn't brush that much)

Because of this, I've had two or three root canals, I've got like 3 or 4 crowns (I really can't keep track), and most teeth have some sort of filling in them. When I was much younger, I'd dread my cleanings because it always meant more cavities. I know that cleanings =/= cavities, but the irrational part of my brain just loved to ignore anything that wasn't actively causing pain.

When The Husband and I got married, I finally had dental insurance again. What a blessing! I love dental insurance! It took a few years to get caught up on all the work I needed done. I can happily say that SINCE then, though, all my cleanings have been awesome! I have a hard time with bad hygenists, and my parents say that's because something happened to me when I was younger that I don't want to remember. (Something about a really bad children's dentistry practice and lots of gas). Whatever it is, subconsciously, I get terrified when I'm having work done. I have had serious panic attacks with bad hygenists, and I used to dread the dentist.

I have an amazing hygenist now, and I visit a great practice. When I told them my issues, they'd let me sit with a CD player and listen to whatever I wanted while they worked on me. If I was really edgy, they'd offer the gas, but they'd explain everything really thoroughly before they did it. They really helped me get over a lot of my irrational fears.

I thanked my hygenist today for all her hard work. I told her I recognized that what she did was probably the only reason I still have all my teeth right now :P I actually look forward to my 6 month cleanings, because I'm constantly increasing my "no cavity" streak!

I'd say "no work done" streak, but this time we decided I should get fitted for a night guard to try and help with my TMJ problems. I need to call them back, though, because we had so much fun chatting yesterday morning that they forgot to schedule me for the fitting! XD lol

Anyway, great visit, no cavities, etc etc. The whole morning was pretty great, because I got a lot of errands taken care of!

Since the visit was at 9AM, though, I wasn't able to hit the bike in the morning. I figured I'd get the workout in sometime in the afternoon, but it didn't happen at all :( When I got home from my errands, it was past lunch time. I fixed the leftover bacon-wrapped chicken with a bunch of brussels sprouts, and it was awesome. The day kind of went downhill from there, though! (health wise)

I managed to (barely) keep my snacking under control and have a normal dinner. But then The Husband brought pizza home. I already know that from past experiences, every time he's brought a pizza home for himself, it's been my downfall. I'm still struggling with staying away from that crap in the evenings. It's a take & bake, so he takes it and asks me to bake it :P I suppose if I wasn't intimately involved in the baking, cutting, and serving of said pizza, I'd probably have an easier time staying away. I overindulged last night. There's no leftovers, though, because the Hoover that is my brother saw to that. (It was an XL!)

Today, my period totally started (unsurprising and expected), and I EXTRA TOTALLY don't want to work out. I want to fart around, work on costumes, and pretend it's still Sunday. I have this convention this weekend, and I need to make a few small accessories, get my convention bag packed, and do other various sundry convention-related things. My head isn't in the game for the whole workout thing.

I kind of hope that workout partner shows up today. I think she skipped yesterday because she knew I wasn't going to be around. She has a house key, and I told her she could come by, but if I'm not there, she just won't.

If she does show up today, I'll get my workout in at a decent hour, and I'll have that extra whip crack I need to get stuff done. Otherwise, I'm not sure I'm going to make any progress this week! It feels like such a pain in the butt right now. I'm fighting a MASSIVE case of the "I dun wannas"

I've been doing well otherwise! I keep updating my weight, but Spark is playing tricks on me. It should have announced at least a 1 lb loss by now, but since my updates are usually losses of like.. .8 lbs, it never announces it! Jerks. So yesterday, I was in the 182s and super happy about it. Today, I'm at like 184.2 thanks to Mr. Pizza. That should be gone tomorrow if I can stay on track with food today, though.

Which reminds me:

FiberOne chocolate cereal: This stuff is dangerous.

SIRENSONGS told me about it, so I decided to give it a shot. IT TASTES JUST LIKE COCOA PUFFS! This stuff tastes amazing. It's kind of gritty from all the fake fiber stuff, though. It turns the milk chocolate and is just awesome. I have a hard time keeping my hand out of the box throughout the day, though, so I don't think I'm going to buy it anymore. I have been having some really amazing poops lately, though!

I had another bowl for breakfast, but it's going to take forever to finish the box. I always measure out my cereal AND my milk in a measuring cup, since it's so easy to dump& get too much. You really get all the servings out of it that the box says it contains, though :P So it can take me weeks to finish one box. It won't take me this long with this, though. I keep using up afternoon snacks on handfuls of it XD My best days are when I use my afternoon snack calories on a mid-afternoon yogurt, yo! Gotta get back to that.

I'm working on a food plan for the convention, too. The girls I am going with don't plan to go out to eat at all. I don't know what they are going to eat, because they are a little cray cray. It doesn't matter to me, though, because I'm bringing my own stuff. I will potentially be eating 6 meals there, but it will probably be fewer. Dinner on Fri- maybe. Sat: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. Sun: Breakfast, Lunch?

I plan on bringing my protein shakes for breakfast, perhaps a pre-made salad for lunch.. cracker combo pack for another lunch.. It's at a non-fancy hotel, so I'm guessing my dinner options will be cold, too. I'm going to bring some carrots& hummus for a snack, and I'm looking into other snack options. I picked up a bunch of dehydrated fruits& veggies from the health food store yesterday that I plan to bring. I wish they weren't so expensive. A small, 2-portion snack pouch is 5 bucks! If I had more room in my kitchen, I'd seriously think about investing in a dehydrator. (I seriously love apple chips and dehydrated peaches) I'll probably get some of those 0 cal fizzy flavored waters to chuck in the cooler, too. I'm still looking at dinner options for Sat. If there's a hotel restaurant, I may eat there. Or I may get our male freind to take me down to food truck alley in Austin and try some of the amazing stuff I'm always seeing on Travel Channel. I'll play it by ear.

So, that's where I'm at right now. How about you guys? Feeling motivated today?
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    Sounds like a sound food plan. Have fun
    1871 days ago
    Yay for a good dentist visit! At the beginning of this year I finally got dental insurance through my new job, and it's the first time for me since I was like, 8. So it's been awhile since I've been in, haha, but I'm excited! Hopefully I'll have as good of a checkup as you just did... when I get around to making the appointment.

    AUSTIN FOOD TRUCKS! One of the major reasons I gained the freshman 50 in college down there, haha. I definitely recommend South Congress street, where the best of them tend to congregate. Torchy's tacos are the best! As long as you don't get them trashy-style (spicy cheese sauce), there are some pretty okay grilled options that are mighty tasty.

    Ah, pizza. Sometimes I think I'm lucky that I got burned out on the stuff at such a young age (too many post-soccer CiCi's runs, I think), because it doesn't tempt me in the least. Chocolatey cereal, though? That's another story. The only thing that keeps me from oversnacking or indulging in the unhealthy dinners my family brings home is to remember that one thing that makes me choose the high road. For a long time it was, "Don't you want to see your ex's jaw drop when he sees your new body?" or "Wouldn't you prefer wearing single digit sized jeans?" It seems like there's always something that will keep me away, even if it's the fear of facing the scale in the morning. Sometimes saying "no" is hard, but once you do, you do. Haha I failed saying "No" to the food itself for years. When I started saying "No" to myself, it was easier.

    Good job planning your food in advance for the convention! Sounds like you're on top of it! I love the fizzy waters! Target and Kroger and many other places have started coming out with colored flavored fizzy water with Green Tea Extract, which is considered a great supplement for weight loss, and usually the worst ingredient in the whole thing is the coloring (some have sucralose in it, if you avoid that stuff). They're a great way to get water in when you're sick of drinking water or are really craving a soda, haha.

    Stay motivated! Great to hear from you.

    1871 days ago
    I'm glad your trip to the dentist went well. I found a dentist I liked a few years ago but he's not covered on my current insurance. Boo. It took forever to find one I liked.

    Now you've got me curious about the Fiber One cereal. I'm a huge cereal nut though so I don't know if it's a good idea to have it around. I'm lucky to be able to keep Special K in the house without going crazy and eating 3 servings in one sitting.

    I started my period yesterday, so I totally get the "I don't wanna". I don't know how I managed to get my longest time ever on the bike last night with all that going on.
    1871 days ago
    Food truck alley? Oh my that sounds intriguing
    1871 days ago
    My 9yo LOVES going to the dentist and getting work done.
    Awkward right???

    I told him he can have as much fun as he'd like when HE has to pay the bill.
    1871 days ago
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