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February 2013 Measurements

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

It's that time again, the beginning of the month and measurement time. In January I also took my measurements and each month I hope to get them up just to see how things are coming along. So without much more to say, here they are:

emoticon Changes:
Waist: 1" inch down
Hips: 1.5" down
Body fat %: .5 down
Weight: It is down right now but shows I gained about .5lbs since New Years. I'm not tracking it as much right now though because it's TOM. (All things go crazy this time... not just mentally) But it hasn't gone up so that's a plus.

emoticon Goals for New Year:
I didn't really make that hard of goals this year since we are still in a new place and trying to get used to everything here. My main goal is to get more active in our new surroundings. We are getting to know the area better and learning of some good hiking spots to get involved. I would also love to take a dance class or something fun with movements but am still working on what we want to do.

emoticon Training: Still working on running in the hilly terrain but now I have the added obstacles of cold weather, icy roads (occasionally) and crazy winter drivers. I'm still hoping and praying that the husband and I can start training seriously soon so that we can run a 1/2 marathon by the end of this summer or sooner. I've already got my eye on a few different runs including the crabby run (sounds right up my alley!!!) Thank goodness for an early spring so we can run more often now.

emoticon Food: I'm doing really good on food intake this last week and the last few weeks I have made sure to keep reducing the processed ingredients in our kitchen. I really want to go about 90% processed ingredient free. As an example, yesterday I had only one processed thing the entire day! Hooray! We have reduced our mock meat intake and are feeling better and better without them. It's always more colorful at the dining room table to have fresh organic fruit and veg on the plates. Nom nom nom

emoticon Pre-spring: This time of year I'm always very chipper because I love the spring flowers and warmer days. Okay, I love the warmer days and more sunshine the most. It just gets better here down in the south because it means we have an even earlier spring - I can't wait!!!! I want nice weather all year around but I'll take a few more months of spring for now. Sunshine makes me happier and hence I workout more and eat healthier so it's just a happy time of year. My spirits are much higher on sunshine days - better than cold dreary days.

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