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Changing Plans

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

When I made my mind map, I had planned on doing the Whole 30
in February. Most everyone in the blogosphere was doing it in January naturally, but I had too many social and family commitments to pull that off gracefully. I already follow the Primal Blueprint
so to add another layer of oddity wasn't something I wanted to spend all my time explaining.

So I spent January trying to sleep and researching the Paleo lifestyle and the Whole 30. The more I read, the more I decided that I like the more moderate Primal Blueprint and didn't see what I really had to gain by cutting out dairy (which is the main difference). I already know what my food sensitivities are so I wouldn't be learning anything new probably. It's not like I drink milk or even use it in my coffee, so I didn't see the point. Plus Keith was wanting to come along so I didn't think it'd be nice for him to go cold turkey into the Whole 30. He's watched me eat primal for over a year and volunteered to give up sugar and grains for the month. Unfortunately, he's not home very much right now and has no control over what he's fed so we'll see how that goes for him.

As luck would have it, on many of my primal/ancestral SP groups, there's a Primal Blueprint 21-day Challenge so I'm doing that instead of the Whole 30. I get positive peer pressure, support, and a little accountability.

For me this 21-day challenge will entail more exercise and better planned meals while I'm at home. I tend to make a plate of raw veggies, cheese, and a bit of meat for dinner when it's just me, and while generally compliant, it's not very imaginative. I'll make sure that I cook myself proper meals for dinner.

Also sugar and alcohol will be off the menu. We've been having some beer, cocktails, or wine about once a week normally. That's generally okay within the 80/20 parameters
but not so much during a challenge. My sugar is usually in the form of fruit, so except some planned chocolate on Valentine's Day, I'll keep it at that ... which means no ice cream for dessert either. :)

I've been diligent with my yoga practice except for a week-long bout with a tummy ailment. I'm going to add some weight lifting to my routine and generally ramp up my yoga as well.

Today is Day 2 of the Challenge and so far so good. I've actually been a little low in my calories (~1200), but I haven't been hungry. Lots of yoga and general productivity. Now to finish off a few things and then try for an early bedtime.

That's what Grok would do!

My phone wallpaper for February.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Nice blog! It is really interesting to read about your choices. I bookmarked the links and started to read them but being in the throes of moving my mind can't quite absorb in information today! I may try some form of the plan once things settle down a bit for me. You and VHALKYRIE are so successful at it and make it so approachable it always keeps me interested. Good luck with Feb...keep blogging!

    ...actually the whole30 reminds me in a way of a kind of a cleansing I did once for 40 days was actually similar except it was vegan and maples yrup was allowed...and legumes. It was awful at first and then amazing...and then around day 32 I couldn't take it anymore! It also included a certain amount of exercise. I never looked better or felt better after the thing was over but it not a lifestyle change like you have because it was so radical and I was not educated enough to make a real lifestyle change and of course I fell right back into old bad habits...
    1839 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/7/2013 3:08:53 AM
    Your plan sounds exactly like mine! I eat dairy mostly in the form of yogurt, and I still eat fruit, but mostly low sugar varieties like grapefruit. It's working great for me!

    The Whole 30 plan wouldn't work with my schedule at the moment. It takes too much planning.

    1841 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    You can do it!
    1841 days ago
    you have so much more will power than i do! if i saw those...they'd be gone in an instant!!! hats off to you! emoticon
    1841 days ago
    Oh and I will never ever pass up a good doughnut! Luckily for me, most free-ranging doughnuts are crap except, unfortunately (?), the 24 hour Donut House on the way home from my mom's house. That usually means an almond bear claw and a buttermilk bar on the drive home at midnight.

    Now that's a hangover! Luckily, we only make the trek every few months. :)
    1841 days ago
    Well, the sugar and wine are merely cut back to a personal choice level although temporarily eliminated during this challenge. Grains, legumes, soy, and seed oils are eliminated full stop.

    I've been eating this way for about a year and a half and it's been very worth it to me. I am a baker so I know what I'm giving up. ;)

    Of course, when confronted with a beautiful hunk of bread or an exquisitely delicious pastry, I'll weigh my desires and eat it if I really want it and the quality is worth it. I also partake of 100% rye bread whenever I need more carbs than what I'm getting from fruit and vegetables. In summer, I also have to taste test a lot more than in winter.

    Still, overall, I'm much happier and feel a lot better eating predominantly vegetables and some meat. I don't miss pasta, rice, or mediocre bread. :)
    1841 days ago
    I don't think I could do that. Cut back yes - but to do without...
    I will listen to your reports and see if it is worth it in the long run - a choice you can live with forever -
    - I am cooking so much of all the foods and not to be able to eat would not be a good life choice for me
    1841 days ago
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