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Monday, 2/4 I Can Do IT!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Hi All,

This has been quite a day.

I started out with my ortho. As I knew, my hip is doing well and is right on track in the healing process. Then, he examined my knee and we did a lot of painful x-rays. they showed "no problems" with my prosthesis nor no extra fluid on my knee. He believes that I need to work on strengthening my quads. I totally disagree with that because until I had my hip replacement on December 17, I was doing daily strengthening exercises for my knees, hip and lower back. I got them from my physical therapist to do in the pool and we met from time to time when I needed to ramp things up. I am back to day one because between my new hip and the natural restrictions in movement and whatever is going on in my knee--I cannot do any exercise I was doing faithfully in December. I CAN go back to what I did when I began and I have been trying to wiggle around and move anything up a level here or there and except for being able to use a bigger noodle, I am able to do 2 sets of the early exercises I learned over 3 years ago. I am frustrated, but if I have to start there, so be it. I CAN AND I WILL EXERCISE EVERY DAY.

I haven't eaten like usual today--I have eaten my fruits but neglected protein and instead munched a small handful of potato chips that shouldn't even be here and a half dozen chocolate covered caramels that were left from party treats. I CAN EAT HEALTHY AND WILL DO SO WITH MY VERY NEXT MEAL.

I went for the meeting at my son's school and it ended up being a long and futile activity that I just ended with my parting comments. I missed my PT today because the meeting was 2.5 hours long. I have tried to make them understand that Micah has a diagnosis of Asperger's, AD/HD, and Depression and that it is critical that his assignments match his needs. It is happening that way in every class but English and that teacher is single-handedly destroying his self-concept and his desire to work hard and succeed. He is getting more written work to do that Marissa who is taking college level/ credit English and I think that is odd, given that he has moved out of special education from last year and is in a transitional class. I am not going to go away on this--it is my job to advocate for Micah. I WILL MEET THE GOAL OF BEING THE BEST PARENT THAT I CAN BE. I will get this fixed and that is that.

I am returning to work tomorrow. I called and spoke with the principal today and I will try my best to not be overwhelmed or frustrated tomorrow. I expect to have too much to do and not to know quite where to start. I expect that I will need non-student time to get a lot of things done and updated. I am not going to work a lot of long hours or stay until unreasonable hours because the pool needs me. I WILL TAKE THINGS IN STRIDE WITH PATIENCE AND A SMILE ON MY FACE FOR EACH LITTLE CHILD I WORK WITH.

I had to get all excited to get the fact through to my family that I won't be here tomorrow and that I am going back to work. It was ridiculous that I had to ask for help with some mundane things, but I am going to get what I need. My family has functioned well with me working for a long time--27 plus years--and this will pass. I WILL REESTABLISH HEALTHY ROUTINES FOR MY FAMILY.

6 weeks off of work has been a lot, but not a lifetime. I haven't been working since before Christmas so my return to work is my new year. I may be 5 weeks behind everyone else, but I am good, clever, hard-working and smart. I CAN DO THIS AND I WILL. COUNT ON IT.

When I get on the scale this week, it will not show a heavier number than last week. I CAN DO THIS TOO.

After over 3 years at Spark People and losing 140 plus pounds, I know how to do what I need. I am capable and when I am determined, nobody and nothing--not even my wonky body--can stop me!!

I CAN DO THIS--Feel free to watch and to join me because success is around EVERY corner!!

Gentle hugs,
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Maybe your knee will improve now that you can get back into the pool more. You really need you pool time. It has always helped you.

    I can relate to the candy and chip situation. If they are around I'm into them.

    Most of my son's teachers were really good but there is occasionally one that comes along that doesn't seem to understand what is best for students. No child should have hours of homework a night but some teachers do that. I'm all for homework but not to the point where they have no time for anything else.

    I hope work goes well. Try not to get too stressed or allow them to push too much off on you.
    1839 days ago
    emoticon o so gentle. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. emoticon I know. How it is done is the real question. Take care and God bless. Sincerely Julia
    1840 days ago
    How did your first day back go?
    1841 days ago
    I agree with Linda about more exercising not being the best advice an orthopedic doctor can give for your very sore stiff painful knee, but not surprised. They are looking for results caring little about consequences of there decisions. Yes, you need to do range of motion exercises with your knee but only to point of pain or strength. Do not overdo to the point of severe pain or possible damage to your knee. Your knee has been over used and stressed since your hip surgery, it needs rest, massage, heat or cold which ever works for your pain best. Remember to rest your knee and hip while at work. Too much will cause more pain and stress on the muscles and could easily set you back. I get the feeling that you always try to push trough your pain to do the things you feel you must do and what others expect you to do without allowing for your healing hip to rest. You are the only one who knows when you have reached your point of severe pain and fatigue. Listen to your body, not others options, demands or expectations. Take care of yourself or you won't be able to take care of those that depend on you. Take care, improvement with more range of motion and greater strength will come. Let you family and friends know that you need their help and expect them to help you, just as you help them with their needs. You will be in my thoughts today as you go back to work.
    1841 days ago
  • _LINDA
    *sigh* more exercises a cure for a badly swollen malfunctioning knee is the best your ortho came come up with??? Boy do you need a second opinion!! Maybe you need to give up on conventional medicine and see if homeopathic might do you better!!!
    Why did you move Micah out of special education if he was getting the help and understanding he needed? Wouldn't regular teachers be untrained and unable to recognize or cope with his special needs? I remember when they were going to try integrate special needs children into regular classes in hopes of getting them to cope better with regular school life and eventually when they had to interact with society as adults. Unfortunately, I don't remember how it went and there weren't any in my classes. I don't know if it would have been a help or hindrance to their advancement. It sounds like quite the hassle for you to deal with regular teachers not to mention poor Micah..
    Keep on asking for help with mudane things! Take no chances of another injury and fall! You have the right to have help!! There are enough people in your house to find someone to help too, no excuses!
    Please take good care of yourself and if you find its too much for you to handle work, don't be afraid to ask for help or reduce your hours!!
    Good luck with it all!!
    {{{gentle hugs}}}
    1842 days ago
    You can do this! Good luck!
    1842 days ago
  • ZRIE014
    this is the first day of the rest of your life.
    1842 days ago
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