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2/4/13: Why I Hate Being A "College Kid"

Monday, February 04, 2013

Being in college doesn't totally suck. I am in love with learning, and I get to do it at higher levels! I love the semi-freedom it offers me- I choose when my classes are and how to spend any extra time. But I also REALLY hate college...

#1: The gym is unreliable. Holy eff balls, seriously. Yesterday I wanted to go to the gym, and the hours online say Sundays are opened between noon at 10 PM. THE GYM WAS TOTALLY CLOSED. No notification besides a post on the main entrance saying "Gym CLOSED due to Super Bowl." WHY THE HECK WOULD YOU CLOSE. YOU ARE A SCHOOL GYM. HALF OF US DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE SUPER BOWL. I was SO angry. I HAD GOTTEN READY TO GO, AND I SPENT MY TIME GETTING THERE, ONLY TO HAVE TO TURN BACK.

#2: Nothing is "set." I can't get a schedule going because new things are happening all the time. Test dates aren't reoccurring, usually, and homework assignments are due at arbitrary times. I can't just "come home" after an 8 hour "work day." I "come home" to roommates who irritate me to no end after being in class or lab or library for anywhere from 4 hours on good days to 8+ hours on the bad days and then I have to sit down and do MORE homework and MORE studying, about 3 hours or so more a night, and to top all of that off, weekends are not "off." I do not get time to just spend with my family, which here is really my boyfriend. To make matters worse, because there is no pattern, everybody's schedule is different. Rob's schedule conflicts with mine on almost EVERY level. My busy weeks are his light weeks; when he has class are my only breaks. We seriously have to schedule time together as if it is a critical appointment and work our

#3: I'm LOSING money. I cannot stand the fact that I get a set amount each term from my grandparents to help me pay for my expenses, and then the entire time, I just see a negative flow in my finances. I am lucky is that I don't have to pay for my tuition and that I DO get ~5k a semester for rent, utilities, school fees, etc. I work, but it's minimal so I can focus on school. That is why my family is helping me out with expenses- so I don't have to pile a job on top of a full-time school schedule. I will get 12 hours in a MONTH or about $90/month, and I have 10k a YEAR (no extra money during the summer). There is no "net positive flow" that correlates to savings, and if I want to eat more organic, or join a gym, it is NOT something I can just budget for because who knows where I will live after the lease expires, since I have roommates I rely on? Who knows what my new rent will be! I sit here and just see a continual negative flow. It is so frustrating.

#4: I can't start my life with Rob yet. This one irritates me. I want to marry him. I want to come home after a long day of labs and have him come home after a long day of project management and make a nice dinner and talk about our days and share in all of this little things, and then fall asleep at a reasonable hour snuggled up by each other. But no. We can't get married because it is fiscally irresponsible, as once we get married we are no longer eligible for the aid we get for school payments. We don't have steady income sources, and after college, we don't have any set-in-stone plan. I will need to go to graduate school, and we have no idea where we will be for that, or what the job economy will be there for him, etc.

#5: All I hear EVERY TIME I walk into a class is, "OMG that party last night...". I am so tired of hearing people talk about their "wild nights" getting under-age smashed, and then turning around and asking the professor for extended dates. The worst part? THE PROF GIVES IT TO THEM. I am proof that it does not take a full week to finish homework. You tell us when it is assigned, how long we have to do it, etc. We should MAKE THE TIME to get the work done, and only if we are actually sick or have real emergencies should that be extended. But if you haven't even started homework until the day it is due and you spent all weekend partying, IT IS YOUR OWN GOSH DARN FAULT. GROW UP AND ACT LIKE AN ADULT PLEASE. One girl in my organic chem class- she is rude, and I will say this here, she is very overweight and complains about it all the time but doesn't do anything about it and it is frustrating- so apparently got SO drunk at a party on Saturday that she pooped on her own arm and was laughing and flinging it around. Uh gross. I HATE how few people know how to be responsible. I don't drink, and probably never will, but Rob does. He's gotten totally drunk a couple times in his life... but for the most part, he just drinks a little. One or two drinks. Then he's done. The binge drinking of my cohort just grinds on me.

I am so tired of this "college kid" life. I want my real life to start. I want to be able to HAVE a hobby. I want to come home and leave the work at the workplace. I want to be able to form a real family with Rob. I want the majority of the people around me to be professional and responsible. But I have at least another two years to wait for all of that, and I am so impatient.
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