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What I've learnt from January.

Monday, February 04, 2013

I am so excited, because this is the first month in which I have tracked nearly every day. (The addition of the Spark People App has helped hugely). And because I did that, I was able to retrieve some useful data today when I typed up an excel spreadsheet.
• I lose weight at 50% of the speed projected here on Spark.

Which is wonderful to know, because that now gives me the power to play around with the numbers and the calories. You may or may not know, if you subtract 3500 Calories from what you eat over the week you will lose a pound, and 7700 for a kg, I am currently (for January) on -2395. A week and with exercise included, -5743 Which should mean a drop in 3kgs (or 6.6 pounds) but for me it was 1.5kgs.. which actually, I’m thrilled about haha. I am only aiming for a kg a week

However I was not satisfied the macronutrients (Carbs, Protein and Fat) Ratios were accurate on Spark, so I looked in my AWESOME book called “Downsize Me” and it had macronutrient breakdowns for each body type, into loss, maintain and gain.. I am an endomorph. Probably most of us are.. And to lose weight we are to be at 40% carbs, 40% protein and 20% fat. To maintain it’s 45%/35%/20% to gain weight 55%/25%/20% so as you can see, it’s the carbs that are the trick to weight loss/gain depending If you keep fat low.

So it’s easy enough to divide daily calories into these percentages, but then to get the grams? You divide the Carbs by 4 as there are 4 calories per gram, same for the Protein, but Fat is 9 Calories, so divide by 9. I put on some ranges like they have for the Calories (+100 and -250) And bang I’ve got my new ratio and calorie requirements, and it’s adjusted to my 40/40/20 that I need.
I had to drop 20 kgs off my goal weight to get the calorie counter on Spark to reflect what I want, but yeah I’m really delighted with it now.

I’ve ended up with 1782 Calories (which was my average for last month, yay), 178g Carbs, 178g Protein and 39g Fat.
One day my metabolism will speed up and I could probably eat more calories, especially as I do a lot of exercise. But that day is not here yet.

• Another thing I learnt from the downsize me book, Endormorph bodies take 3-4 weeks to react to changes in diet. So be patient, and more importantly.. If you are going to eat a refined carb (flour or sugar) ALWAYS have protein with it. As this prevents such a huge insulin spike.

Today I had a square of chocolate and some walnuts, (7 to be precise) lol, total 260 Calories, woah.. but hey, it’s hours later now and I’m not craving sugar or having a crash so woohooo!!! I cracked that nut. Hahah.

Okay, So all the calories are sewn up…

My meals have come along a huge distance.. Yesterday I made a mango infused Carrot and Chicken salad. Kelvin said it was restaurant quality.. It was indeed very nice.. I wish I could eat it again hehe. I also made my own mini cheesecakes for a whopping 900 calories! I’m sticking with the theory of one free meal / treat on the weekend… But I didn’t want to go THAT high.. fortunately I found a recipe on spark today for a 120 Cal Cheesecake: Looks hardly different to mine, must be the serving size that makes it different. Still.. YUMMO!


I have recently been reading “This is why you’re fat (and how to get thin forever) “ – Jackie Warner, and it has EXCELLENT information on the hormones involved in weight loss and gain and.. anyway.. She also says its important to have a treat meal … or rather.. she suggested on per each weekend day and then Monday to Friday you eat like you planned. A treat to her is a box of lollies at a movie.. not a whole bag of cookies like I see it tho, hahaha.

I also learnt, our bodies can only EAT a whole bag of cookies, because the fibre has been stripped away. Food in nature isn’t designed that way, a fruit for example, comes with all the minerals you need to digest it.. But sugar, doesn’t.. so your body has to rob it from other reserves in your body.. hence the blood sugar spike and cravings. My poor sugar laden body.
Today I bought 0% sugar 0% fat yogurt.. I expected it to taste AWFUL and my whole purpose was to naturally sweeten it. (It did, by the way) I put berries in it.. cinnamon.. stevia and a bit of agave nectar (0% sugar) to bring it up a bit.. and it’s REALLY good now. I feel very proud of it
Sugar free, Fat free yogurt, which is as good as, and better for you than the fruit yogurt that kelvin eats, right next to it. Hehe

Ok so I have covered Calories, Food, What else?
Exercise.. and Measurements..
As you may already know I joined the Gym, on the 4th of Jan. (First day it opened) I did a circuit with Kelvin that first week and I was highly put off by the other people there. I am used to there being about 8 people in there.. maybe 6. That day there was 60+ The gym instructor called them the “new resolutioners” and I was REALLY bothered by a elderly man who was using his momentum only to do the weights machines. (which are on pully machines of course) For some reason.. I imagined that this is how I looked. Yes I know resistance and slow and steady is how you build the muscles.. . Perhaps I was too self conscious that week.

I have been looking and looking and looking for ANYONE overweight as me at the gym (as of today I am 101.5kg / 223 lb)

I don’t know why I needed it so badly.. I just didn’t want to be the only big girl at the gym. I think last week I finally met not one but 7 or so girls bigger than me in an evening class of Aquafit. Phew heh.

Took a month to find them tho! This month I have tried Yoga, LOVE IT, (but I prefer it with the blonde instructor so I must find her again) , Pump, that had my body sore for three days! OMGawd! Lol, awesome tho!, XBall, LOVE IT, (it’s just swiss ball exercises), Zumba was cardio-hell, and I actually injured my ribs from jumping around (the underwire in my bra colliding with ribs I suppose). I need a much less intense instructor.. or smaller boobs!, oh and Aquazumba.. which was silly

I have still yet to try Step Athletic, Gymstick and Xfit and Bat, Xtreme and Circuit, were told to me by a VERY fit girl, that they were very intense.. (which to me means stay away). Been looking around at other gyms in the city to see what they do, I found a Step Basics, (to be done before Step A).

Pioneer ( My Local)


Jellie (Quite far away)


they have Kick fit, which I know Kelvin would love!! Must get to a class some time :D (Doesn’t appear to be on the time table).. They also have Aquadeep (aqua jogging to music.. neato

Other than the Gym I am still doing Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution. I love it.. but I think it’s really not realistic to be able to do it 90 days straight.. I think once a week is way more reasonable hehe. That being said.. I LOVE HER WORK OUTS. I especially love that you need virtually no equipment, I use a stretch band, two dumbbells, 2kg and 3kg that’s it!
I love Jillian SO SO SO much, ever since Ifound out she only uses fitness as a tool to teach one they can control their life, destiny and dreams, I recently found out she wrote a book called unlimited to teach us how.., which takes 3 weeks to get all the way across the world to my little house hehe.. So I’m waiting but….. I found a video today of what inspired her:

Tell me what you think of this below okay??
Wheee.. well looking over the last 8 months, I’ve noticed.. the least “Volatile” measurement of the 9 I take is the waist, or the area just under the bust. I think this is the most accurate measurement. And I lost a riveting ONE centimeter off it this month hehe.. yay! A bit off thighs and calves again.. and biceps are a tiny bit up in size.. not sure why… I am lifting weights… Not sure. Another friend of mine said to me.. Slow and Steady, Thins the waist - Great quote huh! I love it. The more interesting thing is the changes since I began! I must have had really .. big.. thighs…. Were 74 cms (/2.5 = inches) and are now 66 3 cms off the busy.. 4.5 cms off the belly.. Well anyway.. maybe it’s not HUGE changes… it’s only 4kgs. I never imagined when I started on Spark that a 5kg trophy would be over 6 months away.. lol.. they are REALLY hard to get… much harder than a 5lb lol. But going back to the start of this year.. I started at 104kg.. /229 and am now 101.5/223 So that’s 5.7 lb this month :D
That’s amazing…. Like really… Going to the gym has made a huge difference on my ability to lose weight actually, I typically go to a couple classes in a row, and throw swimming in as well (although I can’t swim so don’t get excited by that) the reason being. I ALWAYS have to take a day off in between from sheer exhaustion and muscle fatigue, so I go when I can hehe.
I have found injury a little frustrating. I had to take 3 or 4 days off for Zumba. Pump and banging my knee on the steel ladder in the pool. But it’s nothing like I had last year.
I have even ran around the block a couple times this month.. but truthfully, I’m still afraid of it coming back.. (Bursitis in the hip).
So next month I plan to focus on keeping the carbs a bit lower, and trying to get my macro nutrients right :) And just keep doing everything else I’m already doing Gym, just a couple times a week.. more if I feel like it :) !! (Positive positive!) I’m doing so well now.. and my skin looks amazing.. and I have a confidence, sense of pride and a productive nature now :)
Which just between you and me.. Is REALLY why I’m doing all this :D

So tell me, what did you think of Jillians Video?
Learn anything?
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    Leanne Wann wrote Downsize Me.
    It came from a TV show here in New Zealand, It is very informative..she is occasionaly on breakfast shows teaching fitness tricks.. I'm not sure if it can be bought online i'll go look for a link... http://www.lee-annewann.com/about-l

    I've never promoted a book before. but this one is great for looking at the science behind everything.. and what i really liked about it, was it didn't waffle on.. lol.
    It also has exercises, and how to build your own diet and everything you'd need to know... even how to calculate how much water you need.
    1803 days ago
  • MTP717
    Thanks for sharing. Where did you get the book "Downsize Me" and who is the author?
    1844 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon Thanks for the cheesecake I will definitely be trying those this month. And yes I can have small portions of treats once a week and still lose one pound a week, Awesome!

    I go to curves three times a week and yes their are 200 and 250 + women at this gym.
    Also very slim fit women of all ages. And yes January February are busy months at the gym. emoticon
    1844 days ago
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