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Well I find it funny

Monday, February 04, 2013

It's possibly just my bizarre sense of humour, but the first time I saw this picture

I could not stop laughing for about 5 minutes. Still makes me chuckle today. So yeah, enjoy the (possibly not) funny!

Today I am loving my work ethic. I had my review at work and my manager said she's really pleased with me. I pick things us quickly, I'm flexible when they suddenly drop different things on me, I've asked the right questions to get a good knowledge of my work and the effect it has on other departments...basically I'm awesome!

She said the only thing I need to work on is communication (like every single school report 'good work, but needs to talk more') because I basically communicate what's absolutely necessary and that's it. Personally I feel that's a good thing, sometimes I kind of wish some people would only communicate what's absolutely necessary instead of 'updating' me every 5 minutes with things I already know. But if she wants me to talk more I'll work on it.

Because that's my work ethic - if it needs doing I'll give everything I've got to get it done. And I'm proud of it. I was never afraid of being seen as a swot or a nerd, the thing that's always been most important to me is doing the work and doing it as well as I can.

So that's my love for today.
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