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Day Four of Experiment

Monday, February 04, 2013

When the weather is nice it is very easy for me to get in the exercise needed for this was one of those beautiful days where I got to walk and walk and go further then before...was tired by the end but still felt great to get out and enjoy a healthy body while walking in an area that is so beautiful and perfect for walkers. Also got to meet people that were also out and is good.

During the game I decided to do a little exercise like wall push-ups...think that's what you call them and my happy feet dance. Anyone that knows me, knows I will do silly things when the spirit moves me..hehehehe so they are never surprised. LOL

All in all I exercised more and didn't eat everything I had planned so this experiment is showing me that when you get it in your mind to move more before you eat it does cause you to reconsider what your eating and it makes you think before you snack...think this experiment is turning out to be a success.

My body is feeling firmer and it's taking me less time to reach certain points on my walk from when I first started which causes me to go further because I am going by time walked not steps.
The other great thing is because my body is getting stronger I add more time to my walk because by the end of my walk I want to feel tired but not fatigued. Tired muscles means a good workout but fatigue will cause me to give up...instead I look forward to my next walk!

Notice also that I am willing to walk in cold or rainy weather compared to before just to get my allotted time in for my experiment. It's working for me...still need to find indoor exercises that I enjoy as far I haven't found anything that I am thrilled to do. Know this about myself, if I don't enjoy what I am doing I will give up so it's really important for me to find ways to keep myself moving and building muscle tone and strength. When the warmer weather is here I will have more options but this is a challenge to find things that get me excited to do them. There are tons of things to do but not everything is right for everyone. I like to have fun with everything so dancing is something I would choose to do to the right songs...wearing weights on my arms and legs would work better then hand weights for me...little things like that makes the difference with me....

As I find new ways to eat and exercise, my body responds with strength and well being.

Hope all my friends are finding ways to keep themselves excited and motivated to move and eat healthy! It really is worth the effort for a life of fitness and health!


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