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Monday, February 04, 2013

Well, I had a fantastic few days and weekend this week, I don't know about y'all! Not having the stress of thinking about work has been great! Just focusing on getting ready for baby is awesome! Did lots of cooking, and batch cooking, and in general, I'm just learning more about how to be comfortable in the kitchen - something that does not come naturally!

Yesterday was the Super Bowl (ah-FREAKING-MAZing game!!!) and I straight up overate. Free day! Homemade meatballs, doritos, the whole sha-bang! Only about 4500 calories, not that much of a stretch - but over 7000mg of sodium! Whoa! I knew I was retaining water when I woke up this morning, because I didn't get up to pee in the night, and my fingers were like giant sausages!

So I braved the pretty slick roads (we had a snowstorm and a lot of freezing rain) to get to Zumba class. I wasn't planning on going anymore after a few weeks ago, but I'm still feeling great, and my gym membership is still active, so why not?!

The instructor wasn't expecting me. I was almost late for class, but she was waiting due to the bad roads. There were only 4 other people there. I swung open the door, and she's standing on the stage, sees me and shouts "Are you CRAZY?!" and laughs "Aren't you due, like, NOW?!". It was pretty funny! This is what I have to wear for Zumba - it's my only truly supportive workout gear I have left!

That's a big ol' belly!


For all of you thinking of some day getting pregnant out there, I will suggest only *one* piece of workout wear that is ESSENTIAL for high-impact that you might not currently own, that will get you through the pregnancy. You know those yoga/running pants that have the extra panel that folds down over your bum? Well, that's what I'm wearing in that picture. Except I have it folded *UP* over the belly. With the super tight spandex of the shirt going over it, it's like actual maternity gear, without the ridiculous price!

*Not to mention I wouldn't even know where to buy really good maternity workout clothes*

It was a great class! I'll be back next week as long as I don't have Bean before then. I really can only handle one a week though.

Then I drove to work to bring in thank-you cards for my co-workers who had the nice shower for me last week. "Are you crazy driving on these roads?! You're going to scare yourself into labour!"

Uhh.. the roads weren't bad at all! Plus, there is a very real chance that I could go into labor in blizzard conditions while Brad is at work. In which case, I need to be comfortable driving on slick roads if I need to get myself to hospital!

(Although this is doubtful, I have lots of nearby friends and family who could get me there. Or, you know, we'll do it Little House on the Prairie style at home. Or not.)

Got my kitchen re-organized today, and now it's a super-chill day, as my to-do list is done! I have challenged myself this week to make supper every day, and preferably at least one thing I've never made before! Today's supper is pork chops, veggies, and slow-cooker mashed potatoes (already in!). The mashed potatoes are especially great - I did a 5lb batch so I can freeze a large portion of them. Mom made me promise not to eat any of the batch meals until after Bean is born, so it is forcing me to learn to cook over the next couple weeks.

Have a wonderful week!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Impressed that you are still going to Zumba! Good luck with the new baby!
    1689 days ago
    Ah! You look GREAT! Way to go mamma!
    1689 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    You're too cute! Sounds like you are doing great, keep it up girl!!
    1689 days ago
    Bahahahaha - you are SO CUTE!!!!!!!! Thank you for the photo.

    Enjoy your remaining week(s) of relaxation and preparation!!!! Keep us posted as to what you're up to... when the updates stop, we'll know something's happening! Hugs!
    1690 days ago
    Mmm, slow cooker mashed potatoes. Have I ever told you that I'm a carbholic? hahaha

    You're lookin' fab as always! :)
    1690 days ago
    You look fantastic still! What a wonder you are.

    I love that you get to have this time to just focus on the baby. And I love that you did all that batch cooking and freezing -- VERY SMART. It is so funny to me when I go to other people's homes and see their fridges, compared to mine. For example, my in-laws barely have anything in their fridge or freezer most of the time, but my fridge is full of food (we batch cook for the week on Sundays) and our freezer is so packed that we have to shove things in there! Don't know what I'd do without that freezer!

    Thanks for keeping the lines of communication open! If too much time goes by, we'll assume somethings a'happening...!
    1690 days ago
    You are so awesome, and it has to be fun to freak people out. ;) I am just so proud of you, so so awesome! emoticon
    1691 days ago
  • ROCKMAN6797
    You are freakin' crazy! LOL
    Good for you for continuing to take care of yourself and keeping yourself busy!
    Busy hands will keep you out of trouble emoticon
    1691 days ago
    I'll be so happy when this winter is over just to not have to have everyone worried about every step I take or time I get in the car.
    Congrats on making the most of your time off and continued good health.
    Remember if you can read, you can cook-I promise!
    1691 days ago
    Wow, you sound super productive and happy - YAY! Nice job on everything you got done. You look great in your picture, just be careful on the ice!
    1691 days ago
    too cute! your baby's gonna have one healthy mama!
    1691 days ago
    You look great. Just be careful.
    1691 days ago
    I would be less concerned about the roads and more concerned about walking/slipping/falling on the ice. But I'm just a big ol' baby when it comes to having my feet insecure beneath me. Be safe. Enjoy this calm before the storm!
    1691 days ago
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