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8 lb Loss Wow I am Back on Track!!!

Monday, February 04, 2013

I really blew it when I started the whole dating deal beginning in 2012...Lunches out dinners wine...dessert....I was still eating healthy at home salads juicing, but when I met Richard slowly by slowly I stopped weighing myself every day, tracking, and slowly eating the things that make me blow up...Gluten! Yup I married the Bread Man...

Richard works for Sarah Lee Bakery and delivers BREAD....Nan's Arch enemy... emoticon
What I notice about gluten it makes me more hungry...and I crave along with that now I am on the look for sweet things to eat... emoticon

Now fast forward to Jan 2013 a year later and Nan is wearing her baggy tent tops because her sleek blouses are too tight!!!! Whaaaat! That's it done done done...It took me most of the month to get my head ready for isn't easy...The menu is very limited....but I had such great success with it in 2011 I decided to go for it..,Plus my daughter who saw my big changes now has lost 65 lbs since I was at my peak of low she was at her highest weight and for Hanukkah I bought her HCG per her request ...she looks fantastic before
after...well the before she was much heavier...but that was all I could find...She looks so hot... Well she encouraged me and said Mom do it...

Well I did and I forgot how easy it is and how I am NOT hungry...! I love that part...I am drinking a gallon of water eating my veggies and protein and feeling better...a 8 lb loss so far in
5 days and I am short 5' so every pound matters on my small frame.

Sat night Jaren spent the night and Richard and I took him to ChuckECheese...I was worried that I would cheat and eat pizza, salad bar and ice cream...but I ate my dinner ahead and then as the boys were eating the calories I ate my apple! emoticon It didn't even phase me all the goodies all around me and smells...I even can make Richard's lunches and no worries. the hcg keeps me not hungry...I love that...Now Boredom is another problem...when I am bored I look for food even if I am not hungry....I caved and had peanut today stall..that's ok I know what NOT to do...

Richard and I had a blast watching Jaren go from one game/activity to was a bit too much for a 2 year old...all the stimulation...he crashed in the car...My DIL is expecting baby #2 a little girl in May! emoticon So excited...Jaren calls his baby sister in momma's tummy
Pizza! emoticon

So that is my Monday report as I sip my peppermint tea and drink my water... emoticon

Love ya sparkies...
Nan emoticon
both heavy here The Hanukka pix I was at my lowest
Dionna after 65 lbs off
Jaren at ChuckECheese a bit over stimulated AT TOP OF THE PAGE...LOL
Jaren up skiing the next day with his daddy my son Justin...
PPS Margins are all cancer free and clear...Thank You Jesus...wound healing I gotta wait a month to jump in the pool and be back to my aqua fit classes...can't wait!!!
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