Monday, February 04, 2013

I snuck in a workout in my classroom during lunch- it was only 15 minutes but I can feel my heart pumping!!!! Here is what I did
100 jumping jacks
50 crunches
20 triceps dips
15 squats
20 lunges each leg
35 Russian twists
20 standing calf raises
5 push ups
30 second plank
10 lunge split jumps
I am sweating a little and it took about half of my lunch but I have slim fast for lunch today so i can drink and teach at the same time next period. I got in some of my workout already so I think that is a good thing and I can get the rest in later- but if something does come up at least I already burned about 150 cals- so that is better then the nothing i have been doing for the past few months. I also found out that our school is going to have the weight room (with cardio equipment) open in the morning from 7:30- 8:15 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I have to be at school during that time but it is my tome to do what I want so I could use 30 minutes of it to work out:) I am going to try it out on Wednesday and see how it is (some of the high school students will be in there- so we will see how it feels). Well back to class now- just checking in emoticon
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