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Fit For Life

Monday, February 04, 2013

So, I picked up a book from Amazon, Fit For Life, after reading some of HIPPICHICK'S expereinces with it. I must admit I was a bit skeptical, still am in some areas, however, it really seems to be addressing some of my current needs. My biggest need was what to eat when? I know how to eat healthy, but I have noticed over the years, that some meals just seems better for energy than others. I am not a food scientist, obviously (!) so it has always just been this huge mystery. For years I thought I was gluten intolerant (which I've read most people are to some degree) then I thought I had issues with dairy, and so the story goes, from one culprit to another in my endless search for all the why's behind my current weight/lack of energy. This book, however, puts some of the pieces of this puzzle together for me, basing the information on our daily cyles of assimilation, elimination and intake of food. The main part that I like, because I am not a breakfast person, is the principle of starting every morning, from waking until 12 pm, eating nothing but fruit and fruit juices. Now, I guess from a calorie counting standpoint, this is not that good, but I tell you, I've done it for three days, and I've lost 6 pounds. I'm certain I won't loose at this rate continuously (I can dream though!!). But, I do feel better, internally. I don't feel like my digestion processes are fighting just to process what I am injesting. The rest of the key to this way of eating is based on combining foods that digest more easily together, instead of putting things into your body that cause stomach acids to nuetralize themselves, leading to food "rotting" in your stomach and bowels, you eat according to what types of foods digest well together. So, it is, of course all theory and trial at this point, but this early success is definitely making me excited to continue the experiment. I must admit, I don't feel "satisfied" in the same way as when I eat say, protien and bread together, BUT I'm not hungry, and I feel clean inside/not clogged up. So, we'll see how this experiement goes. The idea of not eating carbs with protien is not a new idea to me, so I am pretty sure I can manage atleast for a couple more weeks in order to see how thing go on a more long term basis. It is not a diet, but more of a mindset and method to eating. You can eat what you want, as long as you combine it properly with foods that will aid in it's digestion. Different, interesting and so far, quite effective. My energy is high, and my weight is dropping, so I'm happy so far. If only I had not been doing to 2 pound tango, I would really have been happy with the 6 pound loss............don't get me wrong, I'm still happy, but I started this eating experiment on a particularly high weight day (TOM) and so I'm still a pound and a half away from my pre-December weight. Which is much better than 7.5 pounds away!! So, that is my last few days in a nutshell. I got the book, devoured it, and have attempted to stick to it as closely as possible since then. To any who are interested in a new "detoxing" way of eating, you might want to look into this, it challenges a lot of our current ways of thinking about food, but backs up it's findings with centuries of science all based on the ideas of "Natural Hygeine" first proposed in Greek. Anyhow, enough of this, hopefully it's not just some book I hide in the cabinet in 2 months, never to look at again!!

Tomorrow is my 33rd birthday! I've been looking forward to this one since I can remember. My Mom took the day off, and my little sister already had the day off, and Tim is still home, looking for a new job, so we are all heading to Point Reyes, I've never been there. We are hiking a trail that leads to the beach. We might have time to do a little wandering through Muir Woods also, depending on how the days goes. It was my Mother's idea, and I'm really quite excited to spend the day in nature with three of my favorite people!

Well dear friends, not sure how my new eating experiment will go, but I will keep blogging about it. I'm sure there are some major benefits to eating less meat and dairy and more fresh fruit and veggies........I don't think anyone can go bad with that method of eating.

Hope all of your weeks are sparky, enlightening and healthy in all ways.
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    have fun with it! i look forward to hearing more of your experience as it unfolds!
    1863 days ago
    Glad you like the book! I don't think it is the answer for everyone, but I do think that reading anything about food is a good thing since it's what keeps us alive.
    I don't buy the whole thing as food combining was a theory that was debunked, however I *have* had the experience of eating dinner with dessert right on its heels and *have* had a feeling of bloating and general un-wellness as if the food is fermenting in my stomach.
    I was eating too much fruit though and it was causing me some grief including constipation and itchy skin. In order to do a workout in the morning I *will* have to eat some protein even though I am supposedly in elimination phase until noon. Not everyone is built the same way, but pretty close!!
    Happy Birthday, Beautiful!!
    1867 days ago
  • LEXIE63
    It is certainly an interesting concept, and a friend of mine swore by it for improving her energy through her work day. I tried it for a while but found the fruit content was too high for my system to handle, and I was constantly hungry until the evening (everyone's metabolism is different) so stopped, but that doesn't mean it won't work for you, and some of the recipes, even if you don't follow the diet plan fully are rather scrumptious as I recall.

    I still follow some of the advice. :-)
    1867 days ago
    sounds like an interesting book/food lifestyle! i am getting in more veggies most days, definitely helps fill you up in a low cal way! haaaaaaappy birthday! i hope it was an amazing hike and day with the fam! :D
    1867 days ago
    Happy Birthday! I am curious about this book also and looking forward to seeing how it works for you. Awesome results so far! Point Reyes is a treat for sure. Enjoy!
    1868 days ago
  • SCOOTER4263
    Happy Birthday, sweetie. Have a fabulous day! Hope your Fit for Life experiment works out the way you want it to. :)
    1868 days ago
    The book sounds interesting. I look forward to hearing more about how it is working for you.

    Happy birthday and have a WONDERFUL day tomorrow!
    1868 days ago
    I will pick up the book and check it out...Actually I have heard of this book before but paid no attention until now. I am always lacking the energy too- so maybe this can help.
    You will LOVE Pt Reyes :) have a great time and happy birthday! mAybe you will see some whales :)
    Best of luck to you!!!!
    Val emoticon
    1868 days ago
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