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Misadventures in Exercising

Monday, February 04, 2013

As I was exercising yesterday doing the Official Sparkpeople 28 Day Bootcamp (Day 3 emoticon ), I had to laugh at what a candid camera might see if it were set up in my living room watching me try to follow Coach Nicole.

You see, I have been very sedentary for a long, long, time. I weigh almost 100 lbs more than I should. My mind is willing to follow but my body...not so much.

I chose the bootcamp instead of another exercise video that I had done back when I was running called Power 90. The problem with that one is that it moves from one exercise to another....and I am craning my neck to see the television, twisting my body in ways it hasn't been twisted in a long time, and before I know it I have pulled something that shouldn't be pulled and have a shoulder injury or a knee injury that puts me off of exercising. I needed something that was more straight forward so that my ungraceful body could follow along....ten of this, and then ten of that.

So back to the bootcamp. I'm following along and Coach Nicole tells me to sit on the edge of my chair and put my weight on my hands and proceed to lower your body toward the floor and then push that same body back up again (tricep dips) Being an obedient bootcamper, I proceeded to put my hands on the chair and lower myself toward the floor and......uhhhh kept lowering and lowering until my butt was yes....on the floor. So, I tried again....same result. There is no way in this world that I am going to be able to lift my heavy body up with these weak muscles. But, I try. Later, I figured out that if I stand with my back to the counter top in the kitchen and kind of squat. I can control the amount of my body weight on my triceps a little better and modify the exercise so that I can work those triceps. And so I learn. But that imaginary camera in my home is catching some hilarious moments.

On Day 1 there was a cardio exercise video where we were doing squat thrust (we used to call them burpees in P.E.) I can't squat very well, and I definitely can not thrust anymore. So....I lumbered my way down, stuck my legs out one at a time until I was in a plank, brought my legs back in one at a time until I was kind of squat standing, and then stood up. Victory!!! One kind of burpee complete. Again...I chuckle as I see what that imaginary camera is seeing.

My all time exercise blooper happened in a very public setting. A couple of years ago I had completed the Couch to 5K training and had signed up for my first race. I had all kinds of fears going into it. What if I can't do it? What if I am last? But I decided to push through all of the fears and run! I did great!!!! I approached the finish line and people were there cheering me in. I did not know that people were going to be there cheering me in. It surprised me and distracted me a little bit, and I tripped. I put out my hands to catch myself, but they didn't help much. My face plowed into the pavement, breaking my tooth, and scratching my brand new, very expensive glasses. The medical people descended on me. The problem was that I had not crossed the finish line yet, and my shoe with my cute little time chip on it had to cross the finish line in order to get an "official time." Well you had better know that I was dragging the medical people over that finish line with me before I would let them check me out :). The professional finish line pictures were just beautiful with me and my victorious smile, fat lip, broken tooth, scratched glasses with medical people on either side of me, and all. A wonderful candid camera moment.

So why am I thinking so much about camera's set up in my house? I have watched so much television. I am a reality tv fan and love shows like The Amazing Race, The Biggest Loser, Survivor, Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edidtion. It strikes me that as I do these exercises....I am not watching...I am participating. I'm living. I'm growing and getting stronger. This is my reality, midadventures and all.

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    Oh, that fall at the finish line sounds like my biggest dread - I have a terrible fear of falling!

    Here's a tip for the triceps dip that the instructors in BodyPump give as an alternative for those of us whose triceps can't yet handle our body weight. Instead of dipping on a chair or bench, sit on the floor, put your hands behind you (kind of where they would be in a dip, if you know what I mean), and lean back, then push yourself back to sitting straight up. If you do it properly - and slowly - you will feel it, and you will build yourself gradually up to doing dips. Another option is to just grab some light dumbbells and do kickbacks. I personally think the modified dip is better because you are working with your body weight.

    Good luck! (But have you checked for hidden cameras? LOL)
    1872 days ago
    What a great and inspiring blog! Loved it!
    1873 days ago
    I am often glad there is no one watching while I exercise. I draw the blinds and go to it. Not a pretty sight and yes some humorous moments but OMG I can't imagine how you must have felt falling at the end of that race. At least there were plenty of people around to help.
    1873 days ago
    1873 days ago
    That's a great attitude. Laughing at ourselves is healthy.
    1873 days ago
    Oh you gave me a good laugh this morning. I am known for clumsiness so I can totally relate. I've been doing yoga and pilates even though I have 150 pounds to lose. There are many things I can't do yet because my fat tummy and big chest are in the way, which is even more of a problem than my flexibility!

    1873 days ago
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