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Feb 4th 2013 (The difference of having streaks)

Monday, February 04, 2013

I was certain having streaks would give me a different perspective. It does.

Currently I have 3 streaks

- walking every day for at least 10 minutes
- doing another physical activity at least 3 times a week
- keeping my calorie intake in range.

So far all was good. Yesterday was to be my 11th day for the walk, my 5th day with the calories and the start of my 3rd week for other exercises.

I had decided that I needed to do the big cleaning of my laundry/utility room. the one we didn't have time to do when we moved in. So yesterday I moved the washer, dryer, the big fridge, the freezer and the big antique piece of furniture that contains tools, nails, and other stuff. I got quite a few things out to the garbage, washed the concrete floor a few times, rearanged the furniture a few times to find the best possible arrangement, cleared almost all of the shelves to clean them, sort thru stuff and make sure we keep only what we need. I am not quite done and will finished today.

The thing is, by the time I stopped doing all this, I was ready for bed. So I didn't go for my 11th walk. Previously, I would have been mad at myself for not being able to do such a simple thing, I would have hit myself over the head and probably have at least one day of stuffing myself with chocolate because I am such a failure, I can't do this bla bla bla A lot of you know the routine I am certain.

Instead, since my arms and back are sore this morning, I can use the cleaning as another activity, and now I have a streak of 10 consecutive days of walking to beat. I feel good about myself.

THAT is a MAJOR change in behavior for me!! WOW!

so my streaks results are

- walk = 0 (10 to beat)
- calorie intake = 5 (5 to beat)
- other activities 3 times a week = 2 weeks (2 to beat)

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