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Monday AM Workout and the Weekend Report

Monday, February 04, 2013

Good Morning!

For some reason, I had the desire to do Cathe's Super Cuts again. I know I just did this workout Friday...but I just really couldn't talk myself into anything else.

Here's how it went

Warm up
Squat Press 2X10 up from 7.5
Lateral Sumo Walk - 2X10 up from 7.5
Squat Press with Alternate Leg Abduction 2X10 up from 7.5
Lateral Curl N Press Squat with FireWalker Band - 2X10 up from 7.5
Functional Core Rotation - 2X10 up from 7.5
Right Side - Squat Kick Squat Lunge Combo
Long Lever Lateral Raise - 2X10 up from 7.5
Left Side - Squat Kick Squat Lunge Combo
Rear Delt Fly - 2X10 up from 7.5
Burbee/Two Sliding Jack Combo
Alternating Forward Leaning Dixie Cup Lunge
Standing Chest Fly - Red Tubing - Love this exercise
Right Side - Bow and Arrow 7.5
Alternating Sit out
Right Side - Sprint Shoot
Left Side - Spring Shoot
Functional Wood Chop Swing - Red Tubing
Right Side - Standing Windmill 2X10 up from 7.5
Left side - Standing Windmill - 2X10 up from 7.5
Cross back Lung with Discs
Right Side - Single Leg Sliding disk Lunge with Bicep Curl - 10 up from 7.5
Left Side - Single Leg Sliding disk Lunge with Bicep Curl - 10 up from 7.5
Right Side - Single Leg Deadlift - 2X10 up from 7.5
Left Side - Single Leg Deadlift - 2X10 up from 7.5
Tricep Overhead Extension - Red tubing
Rear Delt/Back/Core Combo - tubing
Prone Total Body Complex - 7.5
Sit Up/Push Up Combo - Holly crumb...these were tough
Cool down and stretch - so happy to make it here.

What a GREAT workout!

It was a fairly uneventful weekend. Friday was a disaster. I know I mentioned in my feed I was grumpy but really didn't get around to saying why. But...We don't think the horses were fed Thursday. One event led to another event that leads us to believe for sure they weren't and one of them big tell tail signs is...Poppy got kicked. He came up lame Friday. Poppy is very laid back and just wants everyone to get along. So, when he came up lame Friday and Saturday, we noticed he was shying away from the "dominant mare" who really is just a field bully, it more or less confirmed our suspicions.

Our horses get a high quality grain and they get alfalfa because they are harder to keep weight on in the winter. So, we buy them alfalfa when they go in their stalls and wait for their dinner...and they always get the high quality grain. So, the other horses that aren't getting the better food love to go in our horses stalls (we put them in their own stalls to feed so there's no food struggles) after everyone is done eating. I think Poppy was defending his space and got nailed.

He was pretty lame. I thought for sure we were going to have to call the vet. But I gave him some bute and he was a bit better the next day. We gave him more bute. I Think we're on the road to recovery. But whew. The drama Friday really ruined my day...

During my divorce from my first husband...I was done with dating and men and had found a job working for a vet (aside from my full time regular work myself to death and have an excuse to be too busy). I worked on her farm taking care of horse patients and she had a few boarders. One of the boarders horses had gotten kicked in the face and roke her jaw...and ever since then...aggressive horses really annoy me. My two are big sissy's (shhhhh don't tell them I said that).

I don't think this horse would be so bad if her mommy didn't have 2 and if she got more attention. But favoritism is rampant and like kids...attention is attention...even if it's bad attention. And you really have to be careful of disaplining other people kids.

Yesterday, I didn't do much of anything. It turned out to be a netflix day. It snowed a little, and it was cold. Anything below 35 is misery...Then, I found that I could stream the game...wahoo! I was excited about that. GREAT game. I had to walk away at the end. It was getting far to intense for me. So, I went and got ready for bed but left the TV on. By the time I was ready to jump in bed....I came out and watch the last minute (that took, what 5 minutes to play...errrr). Yay! We wont. Go B'more!!!!!

Oh get a move on. Hope everyone has a fantastic day! Mondays are a PITA.... emoticon
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TIFFY0906 2/4/2013 7:42PM

    Awesome workout

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LAMOURA 2/4/2013 1:31PM

    Awesome workout!!! emoticon emoticon

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GOOSIEMOON 2/4/2013 10:20AM

    Woot! Woot! for you and Cathe! emoticon

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CAPECODBABE 2/4/2013 8:46AM

    Your exercise routine is emoticon

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