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The Farthest Ever

Monday, February 04, 2013

Set out to do a training run this past Saturday, we were going to do 18 miles but decided to go with 16, we had a destination in mind, which always make it more fun. Friday night we took Sis car over to my BFF house and left it there so we would have to run over to house to pick it up, 16 miles exactly, and we took over a change of clothes. So no excuses not to run, after all, we had to pick up the car.

A chilly 22 degrees when we left, OMG, had to wear a scarf over my face to keep from breathing in that kinda cold. First four miles were absolutely horrible, we just couldn't get it together, one thing after another - staying warm, couldn't get the warmed up feeling, camel pack kept slipping and sliding, rock in shoe, had to make a potty stop (already??) sheesh. So we were both second guessing this long run, but more lolly-gagging we were going to get it together and get it done.

The next 6 miles was pretty good, had a good heart stopper happen. We were running next to an empty field and low and behold a groundhog looked like he was charging at us, the lil sucker came running over to the sidewalk and I liked to jumped on top of my poor sister and almost knocked her over and let out a large scream. I've never been "charged" by a groundhog, lol. It was actually running to the drainage pipe under the sidewalk, what a relief, I thought I was going to get attacked (not really). But true story.

Then we reached a landmark location, the Acredale Saddlery, it was about 4 miles from our destination so I decided to take a pic and text it to the BFF so she would know where we were. Never been so glad to see that place.

Had to slow it down a little, traffic was picking up and we had to stay on the sidewalk, ugghhh running on concrete will kill the calves and hamstrings, ouch. Had to make another potty stop, but what luck....A DUNKIN DONUTS, woo hoo. Stopped in and grabbed a dough nut, stuffed in sis's backpack, we were saving the donut for the finish line with a glass of milk. Something about a boston creme heart shaped donut to motivate you to hurry up and get done, lol.

Took us a little longer than expected, but lots of lessons learned along the journey.

1. When things start out bad, turn it around and make it happen - and we did.
2. Potty stops are perfectly acceptable and necessary
3. There is a difference between a running camel pack and a hiking camel pack
4. Concrete sidewalks are definitely for walking
5. Beware of Groundhogs
6. Need more fuel other than GU (need to explore this a little more)

Great confidence boost for us to run this far, this is the farthest run to date, now to amp it up by adding another 2 miles to this for the week after next. This weekend is the Valentine 14K, just a warm up, never thought 9 miles would be considered a warm up, lol.

After the run, the three of us enjoyed a lovely Mexican lunch and shopping trip to find the perfect MOB (mother of bride) dress - I said yes to the dress but you will have to wait for pics of that.

Happy Monday everyone.
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