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Monday, February 04, 2013

There's a campaign in the UK to stop people texting or using phones while driving.
Just stop and it REALLY so urgent to text or call, can't it wait??
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    Texting and driving....or being on the phone while driving has become a huge problem just about everywhere......Laws need to become tougher....but people need to become smarter and more responsible......will it happen??? I doubt it! emoticon
    1775 days ago
    Texting while driving is SO dangerous - and people just don't get it. Even talking on the phones is distracting while driving.
    1776 days ago
  • DEE107
    its shocking but this is a big problem today thanks for sharing
    1777 days ago
    That is shocking to say the least. But honestly, that's what it takes to get through to people anymore. I thought is was very powerful including the family with the small child. It's not just you that gets hurt... you're endangering more than yourself if you text and drive. It's illegal to do so here in Maryland too. I think a lot of states here in the US are passing the same laws. I'm always amazed at what I've seen going on behind the wheel of cars...

    1777 days ago
    My DD was so good about not txting in the car for a long time but I think she's getting lax about it- I just emailed her this video- bet she watches it tonight.
    1777 days ago
    i never use my phone when driving
    1777 days ago
    i dont know how many times i text my husband when jhe is suppposed to be home after work to have him yell at me that he is driving well hello don't pick up the phone till your done driving then call me back that is what i do. put the phone down lol
    1777 days ago
    we have some commercials here that show the wrecked car and some one saying "this is the text they were reading......" Very grim.
    1777 days ago
  • JUDY1676
    That is a mind-boggling video! More need to see it!
    1777 days ago
    I agree with Mrs.Doyle (below). Thisz should be shown anywhere people who are over 18 are. That's even if they don't drive. Having a cell phone is great. Talking on it or texting is ok. Driving or, for that matter, moving should not be allowed. Period. How many times have you been talking and walking that you have almost been an accident ready to happen.

    emoticon emoticon
    1777 days ago
    Oh my. I couldn't contain myself while watching this. I wish more people could view this video. it would hopefully stop using cell phones while driving. Thank you for sharing. I'm passing this on to my friends.
    1777 days ago
    It is against the law to be on a cell phone while driving in CT. If you have a ear piece, that is okay. Even that should be against the law. How can you carry on a conversation and concentrate on the road. My friend drives and uses the phone all the time and it gets me angry.
    1777 days ago
    That was chilling. It should be shown anywhere people over 18 congregate....cinemas, colleges etc.
    1777 days ago
    Shocking but true. I frequently see people on their phone when driving and I am sure plenty are sending texts great video I will share this one.
    1777 days ago
    You put others at risk.It's against the Law her in many provinces in Canada.Drive Smart people.Be aware of your action.
    Great message Caz emoticon emoticon
    1777 days ago
    i honk at ppl and shake my head no at them when i see them on there phoneS! I agree with you!
    1777 days ago
    Hope it works... emoticon
    1777 days ago
    I think they should show things like that all over. I might just save lives.
    1777 days ago
  • GABY1948
    I agree, CAZ, makes me sick...roads are SO dangerous...many times I see drivers coming at me slightly with heads down and then suddenly they look up...getting more and more common! Thanks for posting!
    1777 days ago
    emoticon sharing my friend.
    1777 days ago
    **SIGH** My D is a High School Sr. They all theyink they are totally invincible. They just don't THINK about things @ all in terms of death resulting from what they do! Wish it could be shown here, too.

    But on the other hand, kids today are so much more sensitized to such things from the violent video games, movies, etc. I sometimes wonder what WILL get through to them. Thanks for sharing.

    1777 days ago
    emoticon Whoa!!! emoticon
    1777 days ago
    Here in NS it is illegal but some still do it, but more and more pull over and stop. Yes they are sometimes in the way but that is better than getting hit by them. Dad and Mum got hit by someone texting one time. They were okay and she didnt even realize how hard she had hit them.
    1777 days ago
  • BEFIT017
    Oh, Caz! I went through such a range of emotions while watching this!
    Wish it would be shown in the US, or at least in the high schools.
    1777 days ago
    OMG! And so many text while driving.
    1777 days ago
    Gruesome - shocking, but much needed lesson from what I still see on our roads here.

    Thanks for posting. emoticon
    1778 days ago
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