Sunday Update

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Fri my paralyzed friend Vikki, that I met last summer, called and left a message while I was working at the piddly pay job. I was so glad it was Friday, and the last day of my piddly pay job. In her message she said to call her back IMMEDIATELY (I HATE that when she does that), but I worked til 11:30pm so I called her back the next day.

She didn't return my call, however, because she doesn't have her own phone, and the intermediary didn't make the connection, and I didn't know which hotel she was in. Which put me in a bind, timewise. I wanted to make only one trip when I was going into the neighboring city for church, to visit Vikki in the same city on the same day. So now I had no time to cook before going the next morning . . . so I cooked beginning at 11p.

I made and boxed up spaghetti, tuna salad, garlic chicken, taco rice, PBJs, hot dogs; added canned soup, & fresh fruit; and the next day added chips, milk, and water.

Sigh. I am sooooooo tired . . .

At church I volunteered at the bookstore. Church was really good. I want to listen online again. Church was about . . . helping people who need it, and serving and loving them with unconditional love (first John).

Just like the people I'm staying with are helping me.

Just like I am helping Vikki.

It was very humbling. I repented for my bad attitude about getting only 2 1/2 hours sleep due to Vikki's last minute call.

Put First Things, first.

After church today and errands, then went to her motel room and unloaded the food. Then I went to ministorage and got her boxes out, and brought them back to her motel room. Then I dropped off Department of Social Services (DSS) paperwork for her in the after hours DSS drop box. Got back on the highway to go home, arrived and stopped and picked up the Sunday papers (for coupons) I forgot to get this morning, and went home. Vikki's room and the TV at home both had the SuperBowl on, which I care nothing about. Got home 8pm and am extremely tired.

Called her hotel room to confirm I'd found the DSS building and dropped off her paperwork.

Then started trying to catch up on SP and emails. That was my weekend, after the week which went by like a blur.

A positive is I found my pedometer batteries in ministorage. So tomorrow if I change them I can start wearing my pedometer again.

I still have my hair to perm, online apps for temp agencies to fill out, and lack of sleep to make up for prior to tomorrow morning's job hunting and temp agency visits.

Put First Things, first.

I'm going to bed.
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