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Gritty Smoothie & he shoulda had a v8

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Hello SparkersÖ

Where do I start?

Oh yes, Gritty Smoothie, thatís where Iíll start. I made one, Iím drinking it now, and itís great. Itís nice, cold, and gritty because of the Kale, and my husband canít believe Iím gulping this drink down. I forgot about the loads of energy it gives me when I do drink this, because I havenít made this concoction in a while.

When I say its jam backed with kale, I mean just that jammed packed with kale.
I also have a cup of blue berries and a cup of dark cherries as well and 8oz of cranberry juice. Iím drinking 32oz and I know Iím going to feel good and energized like the energizer bunny.

Itís so damn good that I canít put it down. I canít believe I mixed it that well.
My husband is looking at me as if Iím weight loss talk crazy, but this is not for weight loss my friends.

This drink is to purify my body and to remove all toxins. Mainly my orangs; you got to keep those things in tip top shape as well. And drinking this drink is doing it for me. I just feel good.

And when you do something good for your body, your body doesnít reject it Ėit welcomes it. I love me inside and out. This self-love journey is moving along as planned, and Iím so blessed. My husband also said. You are going to be getting up and going to the bathroom all night.And if I do! Well then Iíll wake up and go. I donít want that stuff resting with me anyway.

It must leave my body. Then the man goes. Youíre going to get zits again.
Okay! Iíll deal with that.

Youíre going to be mad when the gas sneaks up on you.
I donít have to go to work. He said. Youíre going to get those brain rushes.
Iím already getting one this is a brain drink baby. Donít you want your wife to be smart?

He goes. No not really.

I wanted to hit him because he shoulda had his V8.
I feel great! I just wanted to share that with you all, that I feel great and Iím moving in the right direction.

Good Night, and thanks for reading my blog.
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