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I am so tired.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

I have a crappy situation here that I really don't know how to resolve.

You see, thanks to his rising weight and assorted sinus issues (he's had a cold for weeks) my husband snores. BADLY. He is also on prescription sleep medication, so he immediately falls asleep about 10 minutes after laying down, and under the best circumstances, it takes me 45 minutes to an hour. I can't abide the sound of snoring; I had traumatic event as a kid that resulted in my being completely incapable of tolerating snoring. He will even start snoring after waking up to the alarm in the morning and falling back asleep in the nine minutes between the snooze and the next alarm.

The real problem is that we have a very small house; it is inefficiently heated, and sleeping in a separate bedroom like some couples who have dealt with this problem isn't possible. We can't see a doctor; no insurance. Last night I slept on the couch myself because he WOKE ME UP in the middle of the night, and I could hear him in the other room. On night where his snoring isn't so bad, I can usually get my earbuds to drown out the noise with some white noise and music, but last night was so bad I can't do it.

Today I tried to lay down and take a nap, but of course, he had to come join me, which means I was driven out after only 15 minutes.

My head HURTS I'm so tired, but I can't get any damn sleep.

It's starting to make me cranky.

But I don't see what I can do. I can't make him sleep in the living room every night; once in a while is fine, but it gets bloody cold in there at night. I can't sleep in there every night, either.

So I'm stuck. And yes, we've tried those nose strips. They just make him snore in a different key.
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    Looks like you've tried most the common tricks. I know my wife hasn't complained about my snoring since I lost my weight, so there must be a strong correlation there. I know when we had a barking dog problem I used earplugs, but they are uncomfortable and I felt uneasy that I would NOT hear something I needed to hear. So I just am at a loss to what you can do to fix this. Sorry.
    1845 days ago
    Google it like there is no tomorrow emoticon .
    That's what I do; maybe someone thought of something easy, you can try it and it will work.
    1847 days ago
    Hi, this is perhaps something that is not that easily solved, but there is always something. Can you wear something like earplugs in your ears? I know someone already mentioned this. It would at least bring the decibels down somewhat. Also, is their a chance that you could opt for a hide-a-bed somewhere in the house - you said it was small? Too small? My heart goes out to you and your family, because nobody wants to snore. Weight loss, around the neck, definitely will make the snoring less of an issue. However, I do not know if your husband does in fact have an extra pound or two to shed, or if this is really a time in his life that he can afford to carry the extra stress of changing a daily calorie count or food choice. My heart goes out to you all. ((HUG))
    1847 days ago
    Getting his alcohol problem under control might help. Alcohol is a depressant, which relaxes the body and can make things like snoring worse. Sleeping meds can add to snoring problems, as the person can't wake up from the sound/lack of air to correct the problem.

    To be honest, I know you don't have the money for a doctor but he clearly has some serious issues (snoring, weight gain, alcoholism, probable depression/anxiety, etc) going on which may lead to things continuing to worsen. From what you've said, it doesn't sound like he's moving forward in living a healthier life, so if medical help doesn't intervene soon there could be disastrous results.

    Until you figure out something else, maybe all you can do is sleep in separate rooms or separate homes - do you have family/friends you and your daughter (or your husband) can stay with for a few nights? Getting sleep is extremely important and you need to put your health first sometimes. I, myself, can't handle snoring because I have seriously sensitive hearing and it can go so far as to put me into a panic. If I must be in a room with a snorer I end up yelling at them to wake up over and over again or just lying awake trying not to freak out for most of the night.
    1847 days ago
    yet another thing we have in common!

    DH has a CPAP, but he has a difficult time sleeping with the mask on all night.

    Trust me, there have been times when I've looked at a pillow and thought, "I know how to stop that snoring...FOR GOOD!"

    but I do love him, and I don't have the figure for prison garb. So I listen to music or sleep in the other room or don't sleep at all.

    the really scary thing is that people DIE from sleep apnea. Sis has the worst case I've ever heard. When we travel together, I spend the whole night waiting for her to start breathing again. She's been to several sleep clinics and she does have a CPAP, but she cannot sleep with it at all. She takes it off in her sleep. Plus she sleeps on her stomach, so it's kind of difficult to get comfortable with all of that on your face.
    1848 days ago
    1848 days ago
    Unfortunately, the back sleeping isn't the problem. He pretty much always sleeps on his side, and I roll him over to his left side so he's facing away from me, because the only thing worse than him snoring in bed is him snoring in bed FACING ME. It's like someone sawing wood by your ear.

    Better earplugs (or maybe some noise cancelling earbuds) might be the next attempt.
    1848 days ago
    This is a difficult one. I'm a snorer and can't share a room with anyone (luckily I'm single. Well, not luckily but you see what i mean). Can you get better earplugs? Also persuade your OH not to sleep on his back as that might be making his snoring worse? I really feel for you - I'm absolutely fit for nothing if I don't sleep properly. Don't know what the temperature is like in your house but maybe warmer bedding and a onesie would help you sleep in your living room?

    1848 days ago
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