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Quick Tip # 76 ~ Push out your horns!

Sunday, February 03, 2013

One of the many things I've "lost" over the years is the ability to do a "head slide".

No big deal you say... well unless you're trying to make a point using one, and find your head locked up doing something completely not what you've ordered it to do with your teenagers laughing at you.

Don't know what a head slide is?
This is a move you may have seen done in belly dancing where the head moves side to side, while the neck is stationary. Its... COOL. Totally!

Or more importantly, when you've aggravated one of your girlfriends no end.
Its usually accompanied by a finger wagging and a version of "O honey, NO, girlfriend that is NOT happening, no way, no ma'am!" disclaimer.

Just try it. Can you do it?
The neck slide, not the finger wagging, girl!

If not, read on...

Here's how to improve your body language, restore your Head Slide Swagger.
Its a Qi Gong exercise(yes that's a real word for a series of Tai Chi like moves that's as old as the hills), I've dubbed: " Pushing out your Horns."
Cuz in effect, that's what you're doing. Only in most of us, our "horns" are imaginary... it simply indicates the spot on your head you're pushing up and to the side.


Try it in front of a mirror at first.

Once you get the hang of it, you can practice when you're sitting at the computer Sparking.
That is if all the snap crackle and popping noise you're neck might be doing isn't that big of a distraction.

Humor aside, the HEALTH benefits (that's why you're reading, right?) is that you will be loosening the joints between the cervical ( neck) vertebrae, from which your cervical nerves exit.

Which is a good thing.
Restoration of movement is usually a good thing unless the movement is in the direction of say... COOKIES.

Be sure to clear this as you would any exercise with your doctor/chiro.
I don't want to liable for any mishaps.

Also make sure you're taking gelatin to smooth things bolster and restore the flex in your cartilage.

Now that the Caveats are over... here's the link:

The link's also got a variety of fun things to do with your back.
Check those out with the Doctor first, too.
Especially that one called "Crane flapping its Wings"
Just think of how ridiculous it would sound to be in the ER with back whiplash explaining to the triage nurse that you're there because someone named Mzzchief on Spark told you to Flap your Wings like a Crane after Pushing out your Horns.

What you don't know about gelatin and its benefits to bones, ligments and joints yet? You thought that stuff was just for nails, skin and hair?

Well here's a nice pub med abstract for ya, cuz I'm all about the science:

What? You don't read Medicalese? Here's something in English then:

Hang loose my friends!
: )
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thx everyone for their comments!
    Hope ya'll are keeping to the head slide program!

    I do mine in yin yoga class (when we're doing Swan) when I'm sitting at a stop light and while at the computer.

    Not as many snap crackles and pops these days, but even after all these months, I've not managed to get a respectable slide going.

    Guess I'll have to settle for less neck pain and less crunch... not a bad trade off, for a small bit of movement!

    Hang in there!
    : )
    PS Good Deal, Skater with the chicken broth!
    You are starting to convince me to get a pressure cooker!
    : )

    1708 days ago
  • SKATER787
    I got to give it to you Mizzi, only you would cover Head-slide. No one else!


    I've been hard at work to incorporate chicken broth as liquid in all of my cooking. I found chicken necks at HEB which solved my problem of supply. It has just the right amount of skin and bones. They also have chicken feet but I didn't pick it up. I thought about your mentioning of clipping the toe nails. LOL. Maybe I will next time. Definitely. It's the most collagen rich part that's for sure. BTW, since I cooked my chicken broth in the pressure cooker, it is sterile. At 15 psi, the temperature reaches about 250 F (121 C). That is like autoclave machine they use for medical sterilization.
    1708 days ago
    Aw thanks for the tips! I think you should make us a video with you of course! :) xoxo

    1803 days ago
    Love learning new stuff! Yes, there were some snaps and crackles!
    1804 days ago
    apprecoate all your tips
    1811 days ago
    Thanks for the tips! My physical therapist has me do several similar exercises.
    1811 days ago
    LOL what a great informative blog, love giving attitude, it speaks volumes!

    But the exercises look interesting, I try to keep that area mobile- so difficult with dystonia- various stretches do help.

    thanks for taking so much trouble to put this together Mzz emoticon
    1811 days ago
  • -SHAWN-
    Wow GF you put some work into this blog!
    You have my gratitude :-)

    And from your input I started researching 'Glycine' - 'GABA' - 'Theanine' etc
    Not for my sleepless nights, but for BRAIN calming effects.
    My grandson takes Risperdal (he is brain injured. He can't control himself nor can anyone else without that drug.
    My mother was put on a drug in that same family for dementia and the side effects killed her. Also I just found out boys taking this drug have grown breasts! See:

    So naturally I HATE HATE HATE that he is on this drug.

    was my starting point in research, and I've barely taken a break in the last 48 hours.
    This a.m. I've given half his normal dose and added an amino blend...
    We'll see :-)
    1811 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/3/2013 2:44:00 PM
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