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Love Letter to Myself

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Dear Chandra,

You are a wonderful person. What I love most about you is your inner strength. Despite the struggles you have faced you are making great changes in your life and creating successes. You persevere even when things seem grim. You are a true survivor.

What I admire most about you is that you always try your hardest. Whether it is a workout or a family relationship you give it your all and stay the course. You have taken yourself from being a housebound, sedentary lump to being an active athletic person. You have taken fractured relationships and patched them into a semblance of good health. That is so cool!

What I value about you is that you are willing to share of yourself with others. Being an introvert this is difficult for you, but you continue to put yourself out there for others. It is good that you also take time to be by yourself, but it takes true strength to go against your natural inclinations and share of yourself with others.

Thank you for being willing to make the changes necessary to alter your destiny. These past 20 months have seen amazing changes, not just in your body, but in your attitude and mindset. Before, so many things seemed impossible. These days, more and more things are becoming quite possible. You are amazing and worth all the hard effort you have invested in yourself for the past 20 months.

Keep up the good work!
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