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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Feeling pretty good today. Stayed around the same weight.

I bought some unsweetened applesauce cups.. 4 ozs ea. and having that with my eggs for breakfast. I have not been eating any fruit for about a year, unless you count tomatoes. These cups are only 10 net carbs, so even with them, I am still at 40 NET carbs. I wanted to bump up my net carbs anyways. I am amazed at how many different types of applesauce there are. Applesauce doesn't need to be peach flavored, or have cinnamon. Fruit is nature's dessert. I thought it was incredibly sweet tasting.

Lunch/dinner is my normal chicken, tomatoes, and onion. I decided to alternate days, so Monday, and Friday, I will be having mixed bell peppers, onion, and mushrooms with my chicken, and Wednesday I will be eating chili. The totals are almost the same for both sets of meals. About 2045 calories, 40 net carbs, 161 grams of fat, and 153 grams of protein. The uptick in carbs, I offset by dropping protein. Fat stays at 65%.

On Tuesday I am going back to the Amish store to get chicken that isn't soaked in salt water solution. It is more expensive, but I know it can't be the cause of shortness of breath. I still have 3 days of the old chicken left from Walmart to eat. I had a tiny bit of shortness of breath last night, but it passed quickly. None this morning after taking pills. If I call my doctor's office Monday ( if I have any more issues ), they will just tell me to go to hospital. I am happy to be feeling better, but would like to know why I am having any problems. So I can correct that.

My brother seems to be sick. He was fine last night, but feels like hurling this morning. He had a salad with 5 bleu cheese dressings last night, but only ate about 1/3 of it. Problem is, I am not sure that they sell enough of it. It may have " turned ". If not that, he may have the flu. He woke up last night, freezing, and woke me up at 4 a.m., taking a hot bath. He refuses to get a flu shot, even though his cardiologist says he needs it. It makes his entire arm black and blue, he says. I told him to just relax when they give him the shot, but I think he is scared of The problem is that the flu can put him in the hospital.

So we are just trying to survive the winter. I don't feel bad enough to go into hospital, but no one else can correct the situation, and if he gets the flu again, hopefully it isn't as bad. Just 2-3 months ago we spent back to back weekends in the hospital. Him for the flu, I had bronchitis. Very short visits, but I always try to wait. I feel stupid going in for a twinge, or being a bit short of breath. They always tell me it was smart to come in, but it doesn't seem like they do much. I always feel better afterwards though.

We tried to buy groceries at Walmart last night, but the meat is expensive, except chicken, and that is salty, and they have almost no fruit. The last straw was they had no celery, which my brother loves. So we just left. We did our shopping at a local store, and I will be getting my chicken at the Amish store.

Today is the Super Bowl, so I was asked to go answer phones at the pizzeria for 2-3 hours. I can't watch the game by myself anyways, so I said sure. My plan for today is to watch the Pistons hopefully beat the Lakers. Please don't score 50 on us Kobe. Then go hang out at the pizzeria, and then watch the Super Bowl, if my brother feels better. If he doesn't, I will avoid him, so he doesn't get me

I already did my 90 minute walk. I won't have time for my nap, but I feel wide awake anyways. If anything, I will just sleep better tonight.

Have a great Sunday.
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CLPURNELL 2/5/2013 6:42PM

    Hope you both can stay healthy!!

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SEEINGCLEARLY53 2/3/2013 5:02PM

    Thanks for sharing! Have a great Sunday!

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WOUBBIE 2/3/2013 2:45PM

    I'd get back to those Amish folks for your chicken, regardless of the price. With as much of it as you eat it had better be the highest quality you can find.

Be careful with the applesauce. The processing takes most of the food value out of it. You can make it yourself, though. It's easy peasy, and makes the house smell like pie! Little bit of water in a pot (enough so they don't stick to the pan), cut apples into slices, boil for a few minutes with the lid on, mash and eat. Yum! You still lose a little of the Vitamin C, but most of the rest of the nutrients are still there.

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