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Sunday, February 03, 2013

I'm reading The End of Overeating by David A Kessler, MD. Most of the information doesn't apply to me. I don't like the food described by the author as hyperpalatiable. I'm not usually into foods that have the layering of sugar, salt and fat that he describes. I occasionally crave sweets or salty foods, but I don't eat many highly processed foods. I don't usually care for them. I prefer foods that I cook myself or have simple ingredients.

Extremely high fat foods irritate my IBS. I get very sick if I eat a meal that is too heavy. I also feel ill if I eat too many restaurant type meals like when we have a power out and eat out for several days in a roll. I also start to crave salad if I eat too many junky meals in a row like when on a road trip.

Back to the issue of emotional eating, I often think about food and wanting to eat something sweet or high in fat when emotional distressed, but it just thoughts. I really feel the urge to eat them. Thinking about them is better for me. I usually don't want to go out and acquire the high calorie food. I have thought about buying vanilla ice cream for a week, but when I'm in the grocery store I've forgotten about it. When I have acquired such food in the past, it often sits in my freezer for weeks. I have a box of creamy avocado dip that is currently sitting in the freezer for more than a month. I have thoughts about random thoughts about candy, but they pass as quickly as they arrive.

I bought a huge key lime pie at a bakery Friday. I've eaten two slices: a slice yesterday and the day before. I have little interest in it now. I bought it because the tarts that cost three dollar a piece were smaller than a tenth of the pie. I wanted more than two tarts and I figured that I might as well buy the whole pie. It was only ten dollars. I figure if I eat more than a third of it that I got my money worth. If the pie ends up rotting in the refrigerator so be it. It has whipped cream topping so it needs to be refrigerated and is likely to spoil even the refrigerator in a few days.

What I'm trying to say is that I rarely overeat for emotional reasons, but it has happened a few times. Food makes us feel good. Thinking about food makes me feel good. If it didn't, I wouldn't have bought that huge pie that I currently have no intention of eating. Just thinking about the pie makes me feel better. It like that it's available even if I allow it to rot in my refrigerator later this week. Here I am a person on disability that took more than two months to save enough to get new glasses wasting food.
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    I read that book, too, thought it was amazing. The layering results in a taste that is completely invisible to the eater. The food chemists can do wonders that everyone loves but say they revile. If I want a pie, I'll make it. If I want tarts, I'll make them. If I want avocado dip, I'll make it. It's the only way to keep the chemists' magic out of my system. But since I don't have the chemists' cabinet at my disposal, I actually have to use the fat and sugar required for the food. At least I'll know what I'm eating.
    1870 days ago
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