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Work Vent

Sunday, February 03, 2013

I cannot wait for tuesday afternoon. I have been on call this weekend and am on monday night. It hasn't been all that stressful so far, just a couple of injured horses. I am just so fed up with work. My bosses are incapable of communicating with each other or me. One of my bosses called me on friday instead of talking to me in person about an issue he has. He was upset I didn't get a bigger deposit for an afterhours surgery I did because they haven't paid the balance. Mind you this was less than two weeks ago so there is still a big chance they will pay. It was late sunday afternoon and the teenage kids brought the dogs in. They only had a small amount of money with them. I listened to them discuss the estimate with their parents and there was assurances of payment. If I didn't do the surgery that night night the dog probably would have died. Then they'd have a $400-600 bill for an overnight stay and drugs and they even more definitely wouldn't have paid that because I didn't take the chance to save their dog when I could have. So I went ahead with surgery. Sometimes I give people the benefit of the doubt. More often than not it is okay. I usually try very hard to get substantial deposits if I at all can.

Anyway aside from the fact I think I dealt with the situation okay my boss doesn't even answer the AH phone when he should which probably accounts for bigger losses than this case or the few others I have would. And besides all that it is illegal to not pay the vet on call for work they have done, whether the client pays or not. So I pointed that out, which he seemed to ignore. I then asked for a set policy on amount of deposits to get. He couldn't or wouldn't answer. If there isn't a policy that we will all have to adhere to then he can't really ask me to do that. Never mind I can name 3 or 4 cases of his afterhours he got ZERO deposit for that have never paid or took 6 months+ to pay.

So I ultimately finished the arguement by driving off from where I was sitting and the phone cut out. He didn't pick up when I called back and he didn't call me back. But I'm pissed. I was pissed about it on friday and I still am. My job is hard enough without dealing with this sort of crap. This is after he tried to tell me on Thursday at 540pm (we close at 530pm) while I was on the phone with a client (literally mid conversation about her dog) that I was meant to be on call. There had been no previous mention of this. Normally I'm on call on monday and he's on thursday. He said we had to share it because the other boss is away. I said he wasn't even on last night because the nurse had forgotten to switch the phone over to the answering machine with the AH message. And I also said no because I have plans. Never mind he goes away on long weekends, takes thursday afternoon and friday off when he's supposed to be on call on thursday night and NEVER switches nights with anyone. There has been at least 1 or 2 times I've done his night in addition to my usual monday. I know my other boss is fed up about it but god forbid he say anything about it.

Anyway I've really had enough of it. I know he's the boss but shouldn't the boss also lead by example?

So what to do about it because it has left me in a huge funk over the weekend. More so than my usual on call funk. My other boss is back from holiday tomorrow. He's probably going to have a busy day but I'm going to make him give me 10 minutes to talk to him. The boss I have issue with won't be back until tuesday so I should be able to avoid him. i really think all of us need to sit down and deal with the topic. So hopefully that can happen.

So frustrated by all of it though. Thankfully I haven't binged even though I have felt a bit like it. I haven't been exercising much either. I had a rest day yesterday because I was so sore. I was fine with that but I was supposed to run this morning. I woke up with a headache so went back to sleep. Then I had a couple of afterhours calls. I walked the dogs this afternoon but didn't make the run I was supposed to. I am about to cook something healthy to go with steaks and then I'll do my physio exercises.

I was hoping my walk would make me feel better but it hasn't. Hence why other exercise just didn't happen. I was hoping venting about this would make me feel better. If this doesn't I'm really hoping I'll feel better after talking to my boss tomorrow.

I'm also thinking that it might be a very good idea to move on to a new job next year when our lease runs out. I just wish I knew what I wanted to do. The options seem to be move to Perth to be near Paul's family and friends, move back to America to be near my family and friends or find somewhere new. I like where we live but there aren't any other practices in the area I'd be that keen to work at. I just have no idea which decision we want to go with.
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    Been there, done that, and it sucks!!!! From personal experience I can tell you that you need to sit down and hash it out and either fix the situation or find a new job lol! It will only make you miserable if you "suffer in silence" and trust me it will hinder your weight loss! I wish I hadn't stayed as long as I did in either of the last two jobs I had. Plus it burned me out on vet med which kind of sucks. I like what I'm doing now but it's afar cry from clinical medicine.

    Anyway, good luck with you conversation hope it works out!
    1447 days ago
    It's good to talk to the bosses and get a clearer communication going.
    If you are unhappy it would make sense for you to look for other options. Sounds like you have many.

    Hopefully blogging helped you release some of what you're feeling. And I hope you feel better after eating a healthy meal and doing some activity.

    Let us know what happens!
    1448 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/3/2013 7:58:08 PM
    Well that all sucks. I hate bosses like that! All you can do is be the bigger person and voice your concerns in a calm and clear way. I hope it gets better for you! And if you're looking for somewhere new to live, NZ is really cool... Just sayin emoticon
    1448 days ago
    As a Retired (happily so) RN, who spent her last 20 years of Nursing as a Pediatric Home Infusion Nurse, and took more than what I often thought was my share of "On Call" because others always had other things to do, and I think I was just an easy one to pick on since I never argued about it....anyway, I can most definitely hear your plight. I ended up Retiring also on a not so "happy" note with my employer when I became disabled and they refused to accommodate in any way, and not only that made my life absolutely miserable my last year with them. I still remember my brother, who is a Law Professor at University of Chicago teaching Law in the area of Discrimination, trying to convince me to take legal action against them, but I just wanted to retire and live the rest of my life "happily ever after". It has not kept me from giving them bad recommendations to others I know who refer to Home Health Agencies, and to potential families who might use them though, and I take my satisfaction in that. Funny thing is, I have heard from friends that the place is not doing so well in the Home Health Industry lately. I am sure it is not just from my input, since I figure if they did what they did to me, they must truly do poorly in outside customer service too!!! Just take it from one who has been there, what goes around, comes around is not just a saying!
    1448 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/3/2013 4:00:49 AM
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