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A New Workout Plan for February

Sunday, February 03, 2013

In January, I focued on doing the "typical" crunches, planks, more crunches, leg raises ... things like that...

Now, Im focusing on building up my muscles (high weights/low reps) as that seems to be the current trend .... women cant get "jacked" .... but we can build muscle mass quick with higher weights (or so Im told)

(Im thinking a month of this isnt going to leave me looking freaky so Im going for it!)

Today when I was looking in the mirror - I was holding my arms up (you know ... checking the severity of the loose under arm skin - yup - pretty bad! - and I thought to myself ... oh NO! What is that big bulge on top! How can I have a random fat pocket there ... AHHH! So I poked it trying to determine if it was fat or skin or just the way I was holding my arm and exposing bone ....

Hmmmm hard ....

But goes away when I move my arm straight ....

HOLY SH*T thats my BICEP!!!!!!!!

That sent me running to the computer for a new workout ... MORE OF THAT PLEASE!!

Totally excited to get started tomorrow :)

(As a side note - I dont own a full length mirror (yes I know everyones probably nodding their heads saying ... "Me Neither" ... but Ive started resorting to standing on the edge of the tub (much to my childrens horror) to see myself in the bathroom vanity mirror ... Guess its time to buy a full length one ... Never thought Id say that! Of course then I could get some pictures of myself up on here!)
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