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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Hey Spark-People

I wanted to give all of you a taste of whatís to come. Iím looking forward to this month and have not only high hopes, but high praise in what I am doing right now. I feel great! Iím moving up and down those stairs at work with ease, and the back of my legs are tight and my abs are getting a much needed workout as well. Iím impressed with my strength and the ability to do all things that my body needs. Iím not lazy when it comes to my health now, and Iím very mindful. I think seeing 172.2 on the scale Saturday morning really did it for me. I wasnít very hungry yesterday, and I do believe those smoothies gave me all the stuff I needed. I had 2, but I didnít have a full 32ozs on Saturday. I ate cake Friday and Saturday, and it didnít bother me at all. I told my mother I wonít deprive because depriving me has also been my issue to healthy-ville. You donít know the stresses behind depriving yourself of the simple pleasurable foods you like to eat. Like cake, chips, cookies, and ice-cream; I do believe Iím allowed to have those things, but I donít have to go mad-crazy and overdo it with those foods, and I feel pretty good about this.

Now, we do keep on trying stuff until we get it right, and I do believe I have all the right answers to this journey right here.

I start each month with a number and end with a number and my number for this month on 2/2/2012 172.2 and I feel great about that. I want to end this month with 165 and I told my BFF ďSweetlipsĒ that I will be at 165 by Feb the 21st. Yeah! I can say I raised the stakes on this one. Iím not going to fail, I have a lot of hard work ahead of me, and when I get off in the afternoon I plan on setting up my gym again. It needs to be re-organized and this is part of my self-love journey. Loving me and doing what is needed.

I will not struggle during these 26 days that are left.
I will not even whine about what isnít going right in my life.
I donít have time for whining, but I do have time to listen to those feel the need to whine or vent. Itís healthy for them Ėin a way, but itís not healthy for me. You see. Whining and venting puts me in the state of self-loathing, and there wonít be any of that during my loving me journey and finding healthy. I do believe Iím at a cross roads here in my life, and as I stand here I look at 3 directions. Not 4, because the 4th direction is going backwards and I wonít have any of that. I will not go backwards.

So, I hope you enjoy my vblog creation and see my goals for the weeks ahead. I feel great! And nothing is going to stop me.

You know. My husband said something wonderful to me today.
He said. You look good and Iím happy for you. Iím happy for me too.
Have a blessed day! And be at peace with yourself.

Peace & Blessings!
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