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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Happy Saturday Everyone!

So excited to fill you all in! First and for most I have been eating mainly healthy foods (minus a mini chocolate bar here and a few crisp crackers there). A typical day for me is:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, tea, As many veggies as I want. I occasionally add in 1 bickie (digestive cookie) with my tea.

AM Snack: celery with 1 tbsp peanut butter or nuts or avocado or any veggies I want

Lunch: Pan cooked veggies with parmasean cheese and a small amount of EVOO. I usually cook zucchini, red peppers, orange peppers, yellow peppers, and carrots. Then I take 2 cups of frozen vegetables that i steam and add it to the mix. I'll pair it with chicken or some form of meat

Pm Snack: Banana or apple or pineapple, or kiwi with 1 serving of Yogurt or any veggies I want

Dinner: If I cook dinner, then i have veggies and chicken and grains. If Bryan's mom cooks well it can vary from what I make to nachos, pizza and poutine.

If I exercise I will add 1 protein shake after my workout.

I find with this eating I can eat as much as I want and not have many issues with calories. It is when I add in the digestive cookies, or popcorn (buttery), or mini chocolates I am not sure if I stay within range.

I find calorie counting is just not my thing. I have tried it, and never took to it. That is why I think I am succeeding in this so much more. I eat when I want and as much as I want (except for the nuts and avocado).

Ok so, now to fill you all in on the workout portion of my life. Has my Zumba goals stuck. Honestly no. I have gone on average 1-4 times per week but more often then not about 2 times. I have also been reading alot of articles and it just makes sense. I bought his rebel fitness guide and rebel strength guides. It took me a while to finally buy it because I wanted to make sure I was getting my monies worth. So far the rebel fitness guide it has great info, awesome workouts and helpful in the "diet" department. the rebel strength guide is geared more towards lifting weights.

Yesterday, I decided to do the first workut in the rebel fitness guide. Fairly basic, but I thought it would be a great starting point. Once I finished the workout, my boss called asking if I wanted to support her and go to the gym. My boss is overweight, but currently started weight watchers and is in the mindset that she wants to eating healthy and exercise more so of course i went. We went to two different gyms that offered NO support, assistance and would not allow us to do a trial or drop in. Finally we went to another gym who gave us a tour and we did a drop-in. (their membership coordinator jsut left so we couldn't find out any info about rates). We worked out Behinds off.

I did 15 minutes of warm-up on the treadmill. Then I did squats on this "half ball balancer thing" So much more challenging. Then I found the pull-up machine. This machine is not assisted. It only had the pull-up bar. Since I can not do pull-ups I decided to just jump until I was in a pull-up position and SLOWLY lower myself down. I repeated this until my arms were fatigued. After I did planks, used step-ups to practice jumping and lunges, and more lunges but with a weighted ball. Then I used a machine where I held my body up with my arms, hung there and had to use my abs to lift my legs. I finished with stretching. That took 2 hours. 2 HOURS. I'll say that again 2 HOURS. I don't know how many reps/sets. I jsut did each thing until fatigued, moved on to another activity and repeated. IT WAS A BLAST! However, do I want to pay for a membership......I don't know about that. If I can sign up for a 3 days per week membership for cheap then yea, but i don't want a crazy 3 year contract.

Today My body feels great, and SORE. I took my siblings to the park and tried to play with them. I could barley climb the equipment.

Tomorrow I have some cooking to do! Tones of delicious vegetables and meat to prepare!!!

How has your Saturday been?
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    You are doing great! A body in motion likes to stay in motion. I love Zumba but even the ZESs and ZJs do weight lifting and other exercises to tone their bodies and keep them strong. Although I do really love Zumba Sentao! It combines the toning with the dancing. I love teaching it, it gives me a great workout and I'm seeing the difference too. Everyone finds what works for them and their own style. Keep rocking it!
    1869 days ago
    Wow. You really really did a lot. You will probably have some soreness. The best thing I have found is that after I do a full blast work out is to be sure to do gentle stretches and be sure to do a lighter work out the next day. I do belong to a wonderful fitness center. There is a sign up fee and then a monthly charge. No contracts and snow birds or if you have a medical issue, you can put your membership on hold.
    It is associated with our medical center. Sparks has a guide to how to pick a gym.
    From experience, be sure that they have certified personal trainers (as in a bachelor's degree in exercise physiology) who are available to help you learn the machines and set up an appropriate exercise set for you. This is not a one size fit all. emoticon
    1869 days ago
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