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What I hate about being fat

Saturday, February 02, 2013

A lot of sparkers have recommended "Suddenly Skinny" by Freya Taylor. I read it, and I think I will re-read it as I continue my journey. She suggests that we compile a list of things we hate about being fat, and things we will love about being skinny. I have turned my skinny list into goals and milestones - see my main page.

Here is what I hate about being fat, in no particular order
- Feeling like I take up too much space: on the bus, on the sidewalk
- Feeling more comfortable in the handicapped washroom
- Feeling tired and lethargic
- Not being able to keep up with most people when they are just walking normally
- Feeling unattractive
- Double chin
- Cankles
- Not being able to keep enough of my body under water during a bath to really enjoy it
- Taking forever to shave my legs
- Being terrified that someone will ask me when I'm due because my belly is so large
- Worrying that the grocery clerk / checkout person is judging me
- Not being able to buy cheap rings for my enormous fingers
- Worrying about developing Type 2 Diabetes
- Sweating easily
- Shopping in plus-sized stores
- Not wearing skirts or dresses because of my thighs chaffing
- Not being able to wear cute shoes because even my feet are fat
- Not being able to wear heels because that is too much weight on one little point
- Going shopping and trying on clothes feels like a workout

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  • HOPEFUL199
    I've made this ist in my head a few times but I think it will be even more powerful once it's written down. We can do this!

    1810 days ago
    Bracken - This could have been my list, verbatim, on May 30th, 2012. And it's still my list as far as why I will never go back.

    It's still amazing to me to be "normal sized". Some days I have to pinch myself. I no longer recognize myself in pictures (Is that really how I look now? I ask my mom this all the time) or trying on clothes (I used to sweat like a pig trying on I don't and trying on clothes is FUN).

    You will get there too.

    Bliss - the point of the list is to have it as a reminder when you are feeling weak and want to eat off your plan.
    1810 days ago
    Bliss - I think it's both.

    Going through the list was depressing, and it confirmed just how miserable I am being fat. The positive to that though, is that it also confirms how important it is that I keep going with my program. I think it will also turn into to a sober reminder of why I never want to go back there. And making the skinny list was much more fun!

    I was reading in another book "Full-Filled" by Renee Stephens, that you need two types of motivation for success. 'Away-from' motivation is I don't want to be fat anymore. 'Towards' motivation is I want to be fit and healthy. You need both to get you through a long process. I haven't finished the book, but I'm enjoying it so far.
    1811 days ago
    Great Blog! I am so simpatico with you and your list it's ... well depressing! LOL!

    But I also know I just need to remember this, too, will pass. I guess I need to read this book because the things I hate list is so depressing I wonder what her point is ... to make us notice that we want to change these things, or that they are changing as we do lose the weight or both?!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing and giving me more "food for thought."

    I wish you ALL SUCCESS - Bliss!
    1811 days ago
    Thanks ZombieKiller44 (great name, BTW), I think I'm going to have to steal some of yours!
    1811 days ago
    can totally relate to that!
    1812 days ago
    i just had to read your post and see what you had to say! And oh my, do I relate to so many of these. Here are a few of my own:

    1) Trying on shoes at the store is like a work out
    2) Can't wear half the shoes I would like to because my feet are too puffy
    3) Don't like wearing skirts or dresses because of the 'cankles'
    4) Want to go on summer trip that involves roller coaster and be able to fit into the seats and fasten the seat belt or pull the safety handle all the way down
    5) Hate trying on jeans and pants with a 2 as the first number

    Thanks for sharing and making me think :O)
    1812 days ago
  • KATHYM316
    Reading your blog made me really think..please know that you are a beautiful person and I don't even know you..but I'm right there with you..
    Thanks for sharing..
    1812 days ago
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