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Switching things up: The fight to fifty pounds lost continues Ö

Saturday, February 02, 2013

The battle is on, and with just 2.4 pounds to go towards meeting my first big weight-loss goal, Iím getting ready to switch things up a bit.

First comes my strength-training routine. Itís a good one but even as I have tweaked it as I have progressed with getting stronger, itís time to change things up to keep my routine interesting and to keep my muscles guessing.

The funny thing is that Iím still guessing what that routine might be. I think it will involve my new speedweight set because I think that makes sense to put that to use.

Maybe I'll do what I mentioned a little while ago in an earlier blog and try one of Jillian Michaelsí workouts.

The thing is, Iím not so sure I can keep up.

But then again, maybe it doesnít matter because eventually I will be able to keep up.

Iíve of course seen her on ďThe Biggest LoserĒ and have to admit Iím a little intimidated by how intense that workout might be.

But then, maybe thatís what I need Ė someone to push me out of my comfort zone.

That might be enough to push me on towards my next goal of getting down to 282.2 pounds Ė or rather then next fifty pounds I need to lose since going on this journey which started at 382.2 pounds.

But it turns out that my strength training routine isnít the only thing I'm going to change up, Iím also contemplating my next move for cardio.

Iím still going to keep on with my recumbent bike routine, because I still have a long way to go to meet my giant ďBike Around the WorldĒ goal that Iím tracking on my SparkPage.

But I am thinking about adding some time to my routine with another form of cardio.

Maybe Iíll pull out my Tae Bo tapes that I havenít used in years. I seem to remember that kicking my butt some time ago when I first got them.

Or maybe Iíll chose a different routine for each of my three cardio days just to keep things extra interesting.

Iím also going to add a few minutes of activity here and there to break up my day a bit.

Iíve got to get moving more and more.

Sure I exercise already and do burn a good amount of calories each week, but other than my planned exercise, I canít say that Iím as active as I think I have the potential to be.

And thatís one thing that Iím definitely going to change!

Finally, Iím going to make at least one more change. Iím going to get into the kitchen even more in my quest to be healthy.

Iíve been cooking more now than more than I have in a long time now that I'm on my weight-loss journey, but I havenít really developed a passion for cooking, and I think thatís something that has to change.

In general the only thing that I have done consistently with my kitchen is hate it.

Yes, Iím a kitchen hater.

Why? Because it never stops. The food runs out and I have to cook more. The dishes get dirty and I have do them again. Iím not good about managing the food in my fridge and sometimes I end up feeding the landfill some of the food I should be eating.

Itís time that all of that has to change.

How? Well, first I am going to organize my fridge with a system that will keep me constantly aware of whatís good and whatís bad, whatís quick to become perishable and whatís not.

Then Iím going to start creating my own versions of recipes I either already like or would like to try. Iím going to try to make them as delicious as possible so I can master the art of savoring my food rather than devouring it.

Sure I am going to do my best to keep it as healthy as possible, but I want to learn how love my food in small quantities.

Frankly, I want to have a love affair with food.

But isnít that what got me to this place? Yes and no. I was more in love with the act of eating than the food I ate.

Sure there was some food I did love, cheese for one; that I consumed in great quantities, but I never learned how to truly savor it. I usually just down it.

Thatís what I want to do, savor the food I eat. Now I eat things I donít necessarily enjoy, and I just shovel it in. I barely think about whatís in front of me, and all the while, Iím already wondering what the next thing I am going to eat is. Thatís not real enjoyment. Thatís as if I am eating like a machine.

But Iím not a machine and I should stop treating my digestive system as if that is all it is.

Itís much more complex than that.

With that in mind, I have decided that I want to learn the art of satisfaction.

So I am going to experiment in my kitchen. Iím going to plan the perfect chili, the perfect taco, the perfect bisque and maybe even the perfect alligator gumbo. Yes, I just found out that one of the local markets sells alligator meat.

Iím sorry, to those that arenít a fan of people eating alligators, but I canít help it, the one time I happened to try alligator gumbo, I loved it.

That was something I did savor, and why not? I think I should possibly try to savor it again.

In any case, whether I make gators a part of my diet, thatís not what is important. Iím making these changes to achieve a goal and Iím going to make it!

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  • MOM4407
    Slow and steady is the way to go.

    I understand about hating the kitchen. One thing I do is to make big meals and then eat the leftovers. I make a big pot of rice and measure it out and freeze it. Same with beans, sweet potatoes.

    Look forward to hearing about your journey.
    1359 days ago
    emoticon on your first big weight loss
    1359 days ago
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