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Is your body a chemical factory?

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Just the other day, I was watching good old Dr. Oz and my ears perked up when his guests presented their findings. It was enough to almost throw me from the bike - and that's saying something since I'm not tiny.

There are additives in your food right now that are very dangerous. In fact, there are many cases where these additives can compromise your health.

And, no, these aren't the good old days of red dye.

That's right. Behind door number one we have Brominated Vegetable Oil which has many properties. One of which is a chemical flame retardant . That's right, I kid you not. It's been banned overseas as they have discovered that it can infiltrate your thyroid and in the process due neurological damage.

Found primarily in sports drinks, this deadly cocktail is used to emulsify the additives in your drink so that it looks like something you might want to drink after a hard workout.

For 43 years this additive has been given the green light by the FDA. Now the agency is calling for an interim study to see if 15 parts per million is a problem. Duh!

So what can be done about this? Well, one of the people on the show was a young woman who was on a mission to get BVO out of the drinks. Pepsi Co refused and sent her a letter full of big sounding words to the effect of DROP DEAD AND LEAVE US ALONE.

Yes, she called them out and went on the trail to collect a fantastic number of signatures from across the country. All she had to do was show them this photo and the results were "pouring in" (pun intended) from everywhere.

As a follow-up to the show, Dr. Oz invited her on again. My how Pepsi Co. has changed its formula pronto. So for now BVO will not be in Gatorade (check especially the orange one) but the company is still going to use it in Mountain Dew.

And we have this amazing young lady to thank for getting the fire retardant out of Gatorade. I feel we'll hear more from her in years to come.

But it doesn't stop with BVO. Next up will be a blog for BPA and acryilamide so that will be interesting too.
Signed ~your investigative reporter, Jessica
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