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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Well this week seemed to drag on forever. My mom went in for her 2nd hip replacement on Monday, the surgery went smoothly. She came home on Wednesday! She was scheduled to come home Thursday but was already ahead of schedule by Monday evening when she went for a walk with the physical terrorist, er, therapist. He wanted her to walk about 10 feet and come back, instead she went about 35 feet and came back, with no problems. Tuesday and Wednesday she walked even farther, thus leading her surgeon to allow her release a day early.

Having my mom in the hospital put me a little off schedule, no gym time on Monday. But I actually logged more gym time this week than usual (360 minutes). I went morning and night on Tuesday and Wednesday, and night time on Thursday and Friday. It will be hard to get to the gym for my usual morning workouts due to being caregiver for my mom, but I can go at night when my dad is here to see to her needs. At this point she gets up and down from her chair, feeds and dresses her self, uses the bathroom without help, so all I am really doing is being here, "just in case".

I'm not sure what happened to me this week, besides what I've already pointed out. As most of you may already know, I have a cheat day on Saturday and I eat what I want. I usually take in between 3,500 and 5,000 calories (!) then eat clean the rest of the week. This has worked for me for almost 2 years. I also weigh myself every morning to make sure that the cheat weight is coming off (usually by Tuesday or Wednesday the cheat weight is gone). Then I have 3-4 days where I begin to go below my previous weigh in. Well, this week, after weighing in at 214.4 on Saturday, I was 218.6 on Sunday (mmmm cheat food). On Monday I was at 217.2, and there I stayed, between 217.2 and 217.6 all week, all doggone week! Friday morning I was 217.4... I was killing myself in the gym and nothing was happening.

I have looked back at my food intake for the week. I made some bad food choices this week out of laziness, but I didn't go over my calorie range once! I was at the low end of range all week with 2 days that I actually didn't reach my range. Now after seeing that, I have come to the conclusion that what must have happened this week was under eating coupled with tons of calorie burning (over 4,200 calories burned) which stagnated me. This next week I am going to TRY to eat better and not hit the gym as hard. I don't remember another week that I logged 360 fitness minutes and burned that many calories. SO I'm going to pull back on the reins a bit and experiment with less work. After all, adding more work didn't help, so let's try less work!!

Anyway, here's the numbers for the week:

Weight : 215.6
Gained : 1.2
Total : 101.6

So, same weigh in as 2 weeks ago. Better than I expected and I got to stay above 100 lbs lost (victory in itself for me!)

So on to the next week and hopefully Super Bowl snacks don't sabotage me fully!

I'm a lifelong Raiders fan but I have to say GO 49ers! because Colin Kaepernick is from my town (Yay Turlock!!) and my brother coached him and I worked with him in the weight room in high school. He was a great kid back then too.

Ken Heaston
Since 1970
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Happy to hear that your mom is doing better!

    Sometimes that scale can be such an enemy and not make any sense. It doesn't always give us the pat on the back we deserve for our hard work! I really like how you continue to blog every week so you can go back and have a 'record' of your journey. I have no doubt you'll push through and have an awesome blog for this week!!

    emoticon emoticon
    1773 days ago
    You definitely seem to get some hardcore motivation DNA from your mother! Good for her! And im sure you will drop the pounds soon enough, you seem to be doing so well. And i have to say 360 minutes in the gym - wow!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1773 days ago
    1775 days ago
  • -DAVE-
    Glad your mom is doing well. I would not even worry about the 'gain'. After all, I am finding that this thing we call a scale also has its days; i have to move mine around sometimes and within a few minutes of weighing, one part of the floor gives me a different reading than the other part of the floor. I go my mirror and pants. Keep it up and congrats on the 100 still off!

    Dave emoticon
    1777 days ago
    Glad your Mom is doing so well. Now I see where you get all that tenacity from :).. Don't beat yourself up over busting butt in the gym and the scale not moving. I find whenever I shock my system with extreme work it takes a few weeks to see the results. I haven't gotten in a gym workout I think since the 20th of Jan but the following few weeks I still drop weight and more weight than I did when I was hitting it hard. When you workout like that the body is keeping that extra fat around to burn as fuel. It takes a couple days of recovery for it to realize ok it's ok if I release this now. Whenever I have a hard strength training or a real hard cardio week I drop very little. If I rest say 4 days the next week and take it lighter then the weight comes off. So now that I m able to be back in the gym this week I expect a gain tomorrow on the scale (mostly from crappy super bowl food). I may not even lose much next week. But I will go light next week so hopefully the following week it starts coming off. I am going to try the one week hard one week rest plan for a while and see how it works. As always you are doing a great job brother!!!!

    emoticon emoticon
    1777 days ago
    Happy Monday Ken! Another week ahead of us...

    So glad to hear your mom is doing so well with her second hip replacement. I'm sure she knows just how lucky she is to have a son, like you to take care of her!

    Our bodies have their own ideas of what we need to do. As a previous "Gym Rat" myself, I got to a point I didn't weigh myself. At one time I was thinking about going into competitions and trained under Miss VA Beach - weight champion. I trained for 2 years under her. I was the smallest I've ever been, (size not weight) even in high school, but I weighed more. As you know, muscle weighs more than fat but takes up less space. Don't get discouraged, it will all workout in the end. Maybe measure instead of weighing for awhile. That's what my weight trainer told me, so I wouldn't get discouraged. If you aren't taking in enough calories (as others have already said) for all the calories you are burning, your body may be going into survival mode. You'll figure it out, just don't stress over it.
    You are doing great, just keep it up~

    1777 days ago
    Wow...glad your mom is recovering nicely!

    As for the week - pssthhttt (picture a smiley face giving a raspberry!) Moving on. Sometimes it just doesn't make sense. Try not to let it get you down. I ran into a similar situation this summer - running in the 90degree heat 6 times a week and having losses like .2, .4, maintain. I got a red warning message from SP about not taking in enough calories for what I was burning. So...wacky as it is, yep - you could've been sabotaging your efforts with all that gym time!

    Sounds like a good idea to cut back a little this week. Hang in there! emoticon

    1778 days ago
    could be stress playing a part, too. I cant tell you how your post helped me. I'm going in for a knee replacement in march, and everyone feels the need to tell me HORROR stories about theirs, or their mothers, or fathers, or uncles, or barely known friends..etc.
    I am usually way ahead of things due to my inability to lie in bed. but i'm being bombarded with people telling me i wont be able to go upstairs, get dressed, go to the restroom, or do ANYTHING for myself. its horrid and scary.
    Then you say what i felt all along..that it CAN be done that there is not this horrid recovery. How could anything be worse than the pain i'm in all the time now? and i know the more prepared you are the i've stepped up the walks and workouts. so after hearing this i'm thinking positive!! Thank you a million times!!
    1778 days ago
    Happy about your mom, nice to see she is getting back on her feet so fast! As for the stagnation, maybe it is only because your body isn't used to the regiment you gave it for a week. Maybe it needs a second week of it to realised it's ok and normal. Or maybe, as you said you've overworked for the amount of calories you've eaten. Whatever it is, I am certain you will find a way to get back on the losing side of things
    1778 days ago
    Glad to hear that your mom did well following her surgery. Stress can block weight loss as well. Maybe next week will get you back where you want to be. It seems that sometimes, the weight I expected to lose because of more exercise, comes off the day after weigh in!
    1779 days ago
  • _BABE_
    I don't believe too much exercise is ever a bad thing. You may see the number correct themselves next weigh in...oh that's right you monitor it daily emoticon emoticon

    Is this a silly question...have you adjusted you calorie range it where it needs to be given your weight and activity level? Maybe you need to revamp things? What worked before may all of sudden not be the answer...just saying!

    Is this where your body wants to be? Is this where you subconsciously want to be? Is your scale working? lol Ok I will shut up! emoticon
    1779 days ago
  • JULIA_211
    emoticon Mom! She sounds like a super motivated lady! emoticon
    We all have those kind of "off routine" weeks, despite it all, you are still above 100 lbs., like you mentioned, "Good for You!' Enjoy the Superbowl! emoticon emoticon
    1779 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/2/2013 7:59:42 PM
    I think you're right about increasing food when you increase exercise but it is a fine line isn't it? sometimes it works perfectly and others it doesn't. But it was a small if annoying increase, and variety is the SPICE of life!!! Maybe some cinnamon will help :)

    Your Mum sounds like a determined lady, good for her getting to go home early and great she has a son who will help her recuperate.

    Hope your team wins the Superbowl. ( Is that football? Cringe for maybe dumb question) emoticon Sorry no footie icons ;)
    1779 days ago
    Really sorry about your mom, glad she is on the mend and that things are a bit more calm for you. You rocked the gym this week which is totally awesome.

    Try not to beat yourself up so much over the food thing. Life happens. Maybe some of your not so good choices had a lot of sodium, who knows.
    When I REALLY kick it up with exercise I notice I do retain water in my legs until my body has adjusted to the increased toll in activity.

    Be a little kind to yourself my friend, I admire you a lot. emoticon
    1779 days ago
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