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Introducing Luke

Saturday, February 02, 2013

So about a month ago I started mentioning a man. A new man in my life, but I didn't want to say anything until things became official. Well, they are official now! So, sparkfriends, meet Luke.

OK, that is not his best photo (or mine) but it is the only one we have together. This was taken on new years and I got an random person to take it so we would have at least one photo together. This is a better one of him

I have no idea why all the photos on his facebook are black and white. I promise he is in colour!

So there is a little story behind this relationship. Luke was my first boyfriend when I was 14 (awww). But when I was 15 my family moved from Wellington where we were living and moved to Auckland. Also, Luke is 3.5 years older than me, which is not a big deal now but it was when I was 14. Anyways, we broke up, stayed on good terms and remained in contact and remained friends for the next 10 years. We both got on with our lives, as ya do. He got married, separated, had a kid, etc. I went to uni and was in a long term relationship with a real jerk. Fast forward to 2 months ago, and he calls me and asks if he can come stay with me for a few days over new years. Of course I was happy to have him visit, but knew there was a chance that he was coming to start a relationship with me, since we were both now single and had both admitted to still having a crush on each other. Well he visited and it was clear that we had feelings for each other, so when he kissed me the first morning he was here I was very happy. But I was just recently out of a very long and complicated relationship, so I asked Luke if he would mind taking things at a slower pace so I could have time to get my head around everything. He is such a sweetheart and said he understood and we could do everything on my terms as long as we got to be together eventually, and that he has been waiting 10 years so another few weeks wouldn't make a difference. AWWWW! So we have been talking and skyping while I was away, and we decided to make things official, which is why I can blog about him now.

It is a little complicated because he lives in Wellington. It is only an hours flight, so we can fly back and forth fairly easily. I'm going to spend every 2nd or 3rd weekend with him in Wellington, as well as long weekends and school holidays. He will come up to Auckland to see me occasionally, but because I live with my parents and he doesn't it is easier for me to go and stay with him.

So that's my mystery man! I am very very happy!
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