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Whoops, I skipped right into Feb!

Saturday, February 02, 2013

I'm soooo far behind on Spark! I finally got caught up with blogs this morning. When you read a bunch all at once, you get a good idea of the "pulse" of your freind's list, you know? When things were going kinda bad for me, it seemed like many other people (but not everyone!) were all having less-than-awesome months. But now? Things are looking up for me, and I see people getting new cars, new jobs, recognition at their jobs, etc! People are going on vacation, coming back from vacation, and just getting back into the groove of things. All of these things make me happy! Way to go, guys!

These past few days, my food has been up& down. I was doing great all week, but then my husband came home early one day and I didn't have healthy food in the house to cook. (When I have a bad food day, it normally starts this way...)
We ordered pizza. I ate way too much. Scale was up 2 lbs the next day. Lawl.

Next day.. I ate like.. next to nothing all day. It was wacky. It wasn't planned, either. I had food planned out for the entire day, husband was going to come home close to 8, and I was just going to eat without him. Instead, I had my shake. I got ravenous like 2 hrs later and ate 3x 80cal snack bars. Thought "Oh my crap! I will count that towards lunch. I only have 200 cal left for lunch! WHAT WILL I DO OMG"

Instead, I didn't get hungry again until like 5.. so I ate 200 cal that I'd intended to have for lunch, and ate 5guys for dinner when the husband brought it home. I stayed within calories for the day.

It was wacky.

I really love it when I'm not super hungry all day, but I don't like the way that day went, even though I was within ranges. It is definitely not my goal to have more days like that :P

So yesterday.. husband gets off early again. I still hadn't been to store XD Are we seeing a trend here?!?!

Ate leftover pizza, went over.

Scale went down. lol

Enough of that nonsense, though! Leftover pizza is completely gone, and I am going to the dang grocery store today. Planning is so important. When I know what dinners I'm going to make, I've already eliminated the possibility of junk being brought home, or going out to eat. My husband doesn't want to surprise me with burgers, etc, because he's very supportive of me. He knows that if I ask him to, I've planned to A) arrange my food for the day to make it work, or B) planned to go over that day. (This is usually once a week when I have a high-cal day to calorie cycle)

So really, (and we all know this to be true)... It's all on me!

My husband wanting pizza the other night? Honestly, if I'd had dinner ready when he came home, it wouldn't have crossed my mind. When I don't know what to make for dinner, and I'm feeling lazy, pizza is his go-to. He just got home from work. He doesn't want to go out, and he doesn't want to go pick anything up. The only non-Becky food option is to have someone bring something home. That someone will be a delivery person, and the only delivery places in our town are... PIZZA!

So really, I can control the way this all works by making sure I have enough stuff to cook for the week.

Unfortunately, it's been harder to plan because of my brother. It's not his fault, but he does have a tendancy to eat everything in the fridge when he comes home from work. He is too lazy to cook, so he eats all the leftovers. Wait.. that's a good thing, right??

Well, there are some meals when I plan to have extra so that we can have leftovers for lunch or dinner on another night. Sometimes I'll have like 2 servings of something leftover. HE EATS ALL OF IT! No matter how much is left. If there's 2-3 servings, he'll just crack the tub open, dump it on a plate, and heat it up. It's crazy!

Because of this, when I anticiptate a day of leftovers... there's nothing in the fridge and I'm short of things to cook :X

It results in a higher grocery bill, but we're ok with that. We don't ask him to pitch in, beause he doesn't ask for anything specific. If he was wanting me to bring home chips and candy and just writing it all on my grocery list, I'd have serious issues with that. Instead, he's like.. I don't know.. a human leftover disposal unit. It means I end up cooking more, though, so I guess that's why I've been feeling totally BLAH about cooking so much.

I need to work on that, because I work so much better with a plan! I found some chicken tenderloin in the fridge. I've got to make that soon. I'll find something to do with that.

Today, The Brother gets off at a reasonable time, and my husband is off from work. This means we'll probably end up going out to dinner. Since I have a feeling that this will probably happen, I can start planning for it now, and make sure I don't snack too much. I will have a light lunch, and skip as many snacks as I can, that way I can totally go out to eat and stay in ranges. See?? Planning is awesome!

That means the chicken will have to wait until tomorrow :P When I will.. probably just wrap it all in bacon and toss it on the grill. That's pretty awesome too, though.

Oh! One week until that convention. I realized this yesterday, and freaked out a little bit. I don't know why. It's not like I'm making some new, huge costume. I'm making a new one, yeah, but I need to sew maybe 2 small accessories and style a wig!

I am thinking about wearing my old Tsunade costume. I haven't worn it in YEEEARRSS. I didn't think I would, since there was no way the pants would fit, but I remembered that I bought some black stretch denim capris a few months back. Crap.. will those fit? I think they are 14's.


Maybe I'll go shopping this weekend. I need to find those things and try them on. And if they are too big, I need to wash them and try them on again! That is the magical thing about stretch denim. :X But yeah. I haven't worn them since the state fair in Oct, so there's no telling. Surely my waist has become smaller since then. I've lost probably 10-12 lbs since then, even though I thought things were going pretty badly.

But anyway.. Tsunade... It's a very simple costume, which is why it's great. It's also really comfy. The wig I bought.. not so much.. but my hair is so much shorter now, so the wig cap probably won't give me a headache.

Anyway, I didn't really like the jacket I made for that one. I couldn't find the right shade of green to make it out of, so I bought a dark olive suiting... which photographs brown under hotel lights :/ I'd like to re-sew the jacket, and just transplant my patch to the new one, or put on this new patch I ordered off of ebay. If I make a new jacket, I'll wear that one too. They will all be small costumes. I may be able to get away with packing everything into a smaller suitcase! It will mean the difference between us driving down in my freind's English racing green mini cooper, or my English racing green mini cooper clubman S. :P Because, you know.. my clubman has an extra 12 inches between the front& back wheels! LOTS MORE ROOM, YO!

The backseat is actually comfortable to sit in!

So yeah.. I have some crafting to do this week. After I get back from the convention, I'll have some planning to do for The Husband's birthday/anniversary in March. I picked out the anniversary present already. I think I'm going to get a nice display case for it and have the inscription placed on the case instead of the car. That was an idea of workout partner's. I also picked out a birthday present. It's a Berserk (anime) leather mousepad made by Art of War. They're pretty much the dudes that make AAALLLL official licenced Berserk collectables. There's another company that makes the plastic toys and keychains, but Art of War makes all the really nice hobby kits, statues, metal jewelry, etc. Some of that stuff is crazy expensive. You have no idea XD But the mousepad was (relatively) cheap, and I know he'll like it. It'll be the perfect mousepad to travel with his fancy laptop. It'll be great.

So for the lols, here's a REALLY REALLY old photo of my Tsunade costume.
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    Try throwing one serving of the leftovers that you're counting on in the freezer and leaving the rest in the fridge for disposal-brother.

    1770 days ago
    1773 days ago
    It is interesting how ups and downs seem to coincide so "well."

    Just a thought about your leftovers, have you considered putting them into "individual" servings in containers? My hubby can do the same, just dump, heat and eat, which isn't bad that he eats the leftovers, but 5 turkey brats were not intended for snacking. So if I separate things into individual containers, that happens less. I also freeze servings sometimes. That keeps it out of his sight and out of his mind. Then I can surprise him with it again later in the week or the next week. It works for us, it totally helps with my planning. Food for thought, literally. emoticon
    1773 days ago
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