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New Body Under Construction

Saturday, February 02, 2013

How many out there want to be sexy? How many want to look differently when you walk pass the mirror naked and are actually pleased with what you see? What are you willing to do to get become sexy?

When I say I want to be sexy, I mean that I want to be sexy. Today, I thought about it the cliche of Justin Timberlake's song, Sexy Back and how many of us are saying that we want our sexy back? I was one of those people who said they want their sexy back, but how can I say this when I never felt sexy in my life. I try to forget the words and actions of ex-boyfriends who said and did things that made me feel disgusting (trying to hold the tears back while I'm typing this)! I remember one boyfriend said you look good with clothes on and you know what, he's right. I try my best to avoid mirrors when naked. Even my precious grandmother would comment on a family members weight (may she rest in peace)! Those words and actions really hurt!

Well, enough sap! I don't choose sap! I choose a New Body Under Construction!

I chose to make the necessary changes to achieve my new body! I chose to eat clean! I chose to challenge my body with different workouts! I chose to make some sacrifices! I chose to be positive about myself and my body! My body may not be where I want it to be right now, but I'm going to do my best to continue my positive attitude toward my New Body Construction!

Now, I'm looking forward, not back! I have to let the past thoughts and criticism from myself and others behind. They are no longer worth dwelling on! I'm worth becoming sexy and strong! I may not have the firmest butt, slimmest legs, flattest abs, or tightest arms,. But this sista will continue to love the curves and become healthier! With my new choices and lifestyle changes, I am looking forward to looking in the mirror!

I will do the work to earn the body I want. Not the body a man wants or what I think society wants, but the body I want! I'm worth the effort I put forth! I'm worth loving myself, whether anyone appreciates my worth or not! As long as I know that God loves me for who I am and I appreciate my worth, that's all that matters!

Thanks to my Spark Friend Bliss_OM, I performed my Body Blessing Exercise this morning. I stood in front of the mirror naked and didn't run for cover! LOL! I looked from head to toe (God, I need a pedicure, LMBO) and front to back! I see the changes already occurring with my New Body Construction! Despite the rolls and cellulite, I saw a beautiful woman, especially with my new sassy hairstyle! I took my measurements and lost 7 inches along with 2 more pounds! The way I see it, my construction is progressing nicely!

So, this month's challenges will continue to assist me with my New Body Construction. I will believe in myself to complete this weight loss journey, no matter the ups or downs that will come. I will Eat Clean! I will complete my workout plan of Les Mills' Combat along with ChaLean Extreme! I will get 7-8 hours sleep per night (I didn't last night, I had a bad case of insomnia)! I will take my vitamins everyday! I will stay positive! I will be a friend to myself by taking an hour to do something special for myself. I will fall back in love with myself!

So, here's to my continual commitment to my New Body Construction! I will commit wholeheartedly to this construction! Like I said above, I may not have the body I want, but I'm going to do the work to achieve the body I want! I will work hard and will stay humble because things do happen on these weight loss journeys. I'm already sassy ;o)! But, here's to me becoming sexy as well! Sexy here I come!

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