The home almost killed my dad/ have to advocate for your parents when they r old

Friday, February 01, 2013

Yesterday was a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!! My nephew who never goes any earlier then 9 to visit my dad went to see him at 8am, he walked into my dad struggling to breathe his air hose came off while he was sleeping , the nurses buttons was on the floor and my dad was calling out for help... My nephew walked in and my dad was saying help me , he put the hose back on and called a nurse, his oxygen level was at mid 70's so they put his liters of oxygen to 5 instead of the 4.
My nephew called me after he left my dad which he thought was kind of stable I guess when he left, I wasn't going to see my dad yesterday after the downpour of rain and the wind put me into more of a tailspin of pain (I also couldn't see him the day before cause of severe pain).
I called to complain because this is the second time something happened with the oxygen the first being his birthday when they had him at 2 liters instead of 4 and I had numerous complaints about the place like : they tell him he can't use the bedpan till everyone gets their meals, he's not the only patient in the place (when he asks to use the bedpan, giving him the bottle urinal with urine still in it, dumping the urinal in a sink by his bed instead of using the toilet which is 2 more steps, putting a bedpan in his second draw uncovered and then putting his diapers in that same draw, them handling his food tray and his food with no gloves after touching the urinal, talking about my dad in the hallway saying they are going to triple glove and wear to masks cause he has mercer ( I mean that's a privacy issue) very disrespectful and them telling my dad that how dare he call them when they were suppose to be going for a smoke break! My dad was there a week they never washed the floor and never even put more purell in the dispenser for 4 days...
I called up furious, because here is my dad going there for rehab not to have them kill him and I told the woman do I have to call OSHA or the board of health, she said she was going to check my dad. I get a call a half hour later saying that my dads doctor checked him cause his oxygen level was in the 70's still and that they couldn't get it up so he wanted him to be checked at the hospital. They gave me the name of the wrong hospital they were sending him too, I just got out of bed looking like a Mary messy pants put clothes on and went to the hospital with my husband, we beat the ambulance there we sat there waiting for my dad I'm thinking omg I think something bad happened to my dad, I called the home and said you sure you sent him to this hospital (home is right down the street from the hospital) sarcastically they said yes over a half hour ago.
I went back up and asked if they were spelling my dads name correctly, they said let me check the other hospital HE WAS AT THE OTHER HOSPITAL WAITING FOR ME TO COME ALL SCARED.
My dad had to be admitted and put on the bi pap, I said your doctor saw you and sent you here? he said no I didn't see the doctor another lie! When the woman called to say he was going she said the doctor was there and said to have him evaluated, I told her this is the second time in 2 days you've people have almost killed my dad , I said you mean to tell me no one heard him calling for help? she said well we can't watch your dad all day, I said you have someone watch and sit in the room all night for another patient who sits in the hallway for 14 hours a day and sleeps all day and he's up all night calling the women swears and whores. I said I don't want you to watch him all day but c'mon already the other day he was over 6 hours on a lower dose of oxygen he could of died and then today his hose falls off while he's sleeping and no one notices?????????????????????
I'm fed up! My dad got admitted had to be on a bi pap cause his body was making to much Co2 , he had to have a blood transfusion . It sickened me to know he had to have the transfusion cause I have the same type blood and couldn't even donate cause of the lyme and fibromyalgia... My dad didn't want to sign the consent for it he thought he was going to be going on dialysis I said please dad sign it for P.J. (my son) when I said that he agreed.
We were at the hospital for 8 hrs my husband helped my dad use the urinal (what a saint of a husband I have) I was in severe pain and just kept biting my cheek cause I had to be there for my dad, his face was so relieved when he saw us and I told him I was at the other hospital for almost an hour they told us the wrong place and we were waiting for him there.
I saw my dad today he looked so cute and so much better, he saw me and blew a kiss , I kissed his forehead and said I love you, he said it back. I said you know I love you? he said yes , I said how do you know? he said Your always telling me and I can tell by the things you do for me (that was a special moment).
He was cold I got him a warm blanket and he said tuck me in (like I use to say to him when I was a little girl) he looked so cute all you could see was his head. I'll cherish these moments forever.
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  • VON_1962
    I work in a nursing home this is elderly abuse. Please notify the Obudsman in your state. The nursing home is required to post this number on a board located where it is accessible. If you do not see, ask the nursing home social worker. The social worker it there to speak for the residents. This behavior would never pass in our home.
    1696 days ago
    This is awful and so very sad, seniors should be treated with respect and love, they are the reason we are here, so sorry for you.You are doing an amazing job, I know your dad is proud of you
    1697 days ago
    Well I certainly hope you keep documentation and call and write to the proper authorities. it is a totally diff matter, when the ccas don't do their stuff and when they say a dr was there and he wasn't. OMG and I understand the hose, it happens but not for that long. Also I can't even imagine the bedpan issues and not washing your hands and or room. OMG argh... I get mad when i read your blogs cos I have seen it and worked my butt double time working doing other people share. No wonder my back is bad, I worked too hard cos I cared too much ( not that I really belileve there is such a thing).
    Please do make a stink and complain about it all, every little thing. Cos I know and am sure it would be the same in the states, that we have a group that comes in and makes sure all is to code. Granted we are usually told when they are coming, which makes it a bit redundant as they have us going nuts fixing and doing waht should be done anyway. So please go that one step further and do complain not only to that home as it probably won't get fixed, but to the state or country whoever.
    HUGS that your dad is okay well alive and able to talk and be sweet. Hugs to you and I so wish you would have a few days without pain so you can get a rest for youself.
    HUGS sweetie.
    1697 days ago
    You do have to advocate for your parents as they age! My Dad did 100 days, twice, in two different assisted living/nursing homes and both times he'd get dehydrated because they didn't make sure that he was drinking enough. I should mention that he had Parkinson's and mini strokes so couldn't reach out for the water jug! Stay vigilant! It's not easy, but you are right! emoticon
    1697 days ago
  • DO4FIT
    this blog broke my heart. I hope your dad is okay. I hope you call up and get that place in a LOT of trouble. I know that they are often short staffed and stuff but they should be taking better care of their patients and all the info should be on their charts. I hope it is only positives from this point forward!
    1697 days ago
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