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Yays and a Hurdle

Friday, February 01, 2013

I am FINALLY done with my two tests, quiz, lab report, and Biochem assignment for the week! I feel relieved! One of my teachers put the grades up an hour after the test, and it was probably the WEIRDEST testing session I ever had. It was for Immunology and it was a very difficult test.... but the professor stopped everyone after awhile and played "who wants to be a millionaire" with 3 voted-on test questions... So strange. 52 tough questions on 1 piece of paper. Still, most people got a 60 or below. I'm going to brag a little and say I was one of the two highest scores!!!

I had a great work out session today, but missed my Wednesday one. I'm not beating myself up because of my crazy week. And I upped my weights in 3 areas, woot woot.

However, I have not been doing well with my eating habits the last two or three days. I've been tracking everything (and cringing) but not doing well.

I think the problem today and yesterday was that I barely ate anything until 1 pm... then I had a small lunch and a HUGE dinner... and both times it was junk food. Last night my friends and I went out to dinner at my favorite chicken finger place... and I ate the ranch... and one of my daughter's pieces of toast. Tonight my friend brought pizza over and I ate three sliced. I made not good choices instead of the great ones I have been making lately... and not only that, I FEEL gross because I'm eating gross foods. The next few days I will be working on making better choices!!!! It should be better because my stress levels are going down... but I know I need to learn how to stay in my good habits no matter my stress levels.

The good news is that due to working out, I still have a calorie deficit. And I'm not snacking in the evenings, which was a habit I tried hard to quit. All in all, I think this has been a learning week for me in more ways than one!

Happy Weekend!
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