Not so great day

Friday, February 01, 2013

Feeling a little frustrated today. Saw the work schedule that was posted and that I wasn't on my regular Sunday to work. For me that means a loss of 8 hours of OT that we count on. When I asked about it, I was told that since I can't do certain things due to medical restrictions, I wasn't productive enough to warrant working my normal bookkeeping shift on a Sunday. I guess all the admin things I do behind the scenes (so she doesn't have to) aren't important. My previous manager and others have really appreciated the things I do for them. It frees them up so they can cover for some of the things I can't do.

Felt like I was told I was a second class employee. I thought we were beyond the fact I have restrictions and can't do everything. I have worked these Sunday shifts for for almost 25 years. I spoke with my GM on the way out and he said he had a call into HR. I told him what I was told and he was very surprised. Unless it gets fixed fast, I will go to the union, as I am entitled to keep my Sundays. They can't just be taken away, and I should not be "punished" for medical restrictions. Just venting right now.

Just really ruined my day and attitude right now. Really glad I was able to arrange to have Saturday off.
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