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2/1/13: Progress!!

Friday, February 01, 2013

Ah, it's February! Finally! I love seeing that "2" at the start of the date... it means more than 1/12 of the year has passed!

Yes, more than 1/12 of the year... I've gotten through 31 days. It's quite a lot, actually. 31 days.

So, I'm going to go through my January goals.

-Earn over 2,500 Spark Points: Yes!! Almost 4,000 actually!!
-Track every day: CHECK! I did this, even if I
- Go to the gym at least 10 times for at least an hour each (30 cardio, 30 strength): Uh... No.
- Get down to 123.4 lbs (yes, the number is more for fun :P Any 123.something works too): Yes, actually! 120.6 lbs last Monday :)
- Start my yoga again- 10 min a day, 5 days a week:

Heh. So, the nutrition part is going REALLY well, but I am TERRIBLE with activity. I went to the gym a total of... once. Monday, actually. Yoga hasn't happened. It's funny to say "I've been too stressed to do yoga" but eh. The good news is that I wasn't totally inactive. Labs keep me up and on my feet, Rob still lives on Floor #5, and I DID do quite a lot of those 10-minute videos.

Now, here's the fun part: measurements! Dec 23 compared to Jan 31!

Weight: 124.8 lbs --- 120.6 lbs
Natural Waist: 26.75" --- 25.5"
Low Waist/Navel: 28.5" --- 28"
Hips: 35.5" --- 35"
Thighs: 20"/20.5" --- 19.75"/20.25"

Nothing else really changed (bust, biceps, calves). But those up above are kind of the big things!

I still feel a little bit... eh. I don't really know how to explain how I'm feeling. I have some cognitive problem here. I don't have a real mirror besides the one in my bathroom (I have a full-length dorm one at home and just never remember to bring it back to the apartment), but when I look at myself in the window... I still feel large... I see myself and think I'm disproportionate. I mean, I'm wider from the front view, and then smaller from the side view, and that irritates me. I don't feel like I'm very pretty because of that.

I'm really done with weight goals. I mean, I am 3.6 lbs from what was my "goal weight." By the time I get to maintenance level of calories I'll probably be there- just because it'll take time to work up to those calories. But I think what is really going to be important to me is building up muscle without gaining weight. I hear it's a pretty arduous process... but that's okay. I have time.

What I need to is develop an actual strength training plan, and then follow it. I think I need something that involves more than body-weight exercises or "mock dumbbells." I think what I truly NEED to do... is either free weights or adjustable weight machine training. I am considering, actually, signing up for a different gym instead of my school gym, because I'm scared of my school gym... but $25/month even... I don't know. I would go to my school's gym with Rob, but he doesn't often want to go. I got him to go once during the entire January month. Big tests and projects are coming up, and finding times that work for him is proving insanely difficult. I don't really have anybody else to go to the gym with, either. I'm feeling a little bit hopeless about all of it.

I don't know. I don't know what I'm going to do.

I guess until further notice, my goals for February will be:
- Continue to track every day
- Maintain weight- but DON'T weigh every week.
- Spend at least 2 hr/week legitimately studying for each of my classes
- Get together some sort of SPECIFIC and REALISTIC plan for strength training
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great positive goals for the new month and great job on January's WOO HOO!!!
    1693 days ago
    Wow, great work in January! You've hit a lot of goals - focus on that rather than on those you didn't quite hit. The missed goals are just new ones for February. emoticon

    Strength training is SO worthwhile, and will give you more body-joy than the scale, I think. You're right not to skimp out - you need heavy weights. Body weight is good for some things, and awesome for beginners, but of course you can't improve if you use the same amount of weight (i.e. you) all the time! Don't be scared, but do take the time and effort to learn how to use weights properly. Instead of spending $25 every month on a different gym, would you consider spending $100 once on a personal trainer to give you a few introductory sessions so you'd be more confident in your school gym? You can totally do it! You just might need somebody to guide you through things at first to prove it to yourself.

    And everybody's wider from the front than from the side... think of a skeleton. That's just the way people are built! emoticon
    1693 days ago
    1693 days ago
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