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Friday, February 01, 2013

Ok people, so we will start with a bit of a story. I'll give you the short version for now. 2006, I go to law school in Indiana, and have my cousin move in with me. He doesn't work and just spends the loan money that I get. He gets arrested right around finals in my 2nd year, and I end up flunking out. I don't want to move back home, so I get a job at KMart. I am not able to pay my bills, but manage to make it another year and a half with public assistance, and then I get evicted. I move back home, feeling like absolute crap.

About 3 months after I move home, I finally find a job with a temp agency. I work my butt off for Wells Fargo for 18 months, and when they have to hire me or let me go, they let me go. I wait about a month, and the temp agency then finds me a gig at US Bank. And after working here as a temp for 17 1/2 months:

THEY HIRED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am now (pending background check, which I will pass) a full time, permanent employee of US Bank, with all the perks and benefits. In case you didn't realize it from my little story there, this is my FIRST ever full-time, full benefits job. I'm not sure it has really sunk in yet, but I am just SO SO SO happy!!!!

And talk about timing...my friend Barbara (my walking buddy) has just had her roommate move out and was looking for a new one. She lives about 1 mile from downtown. It's not the most amazing place I've ever seen, but it's a place, close to work, and it's not my parents' house haha. I immediately called my mom, then my sister (my dad didn't pick up the first time I tried) and then my dad. My raise is freakin AMAZING. I found out that I will be making both more than Barbara and my sister (not combined, that would be holy jesus lol).

So we just have to figure out a time when I can move, and I will move. My new pay starts on the 6th, so I don't have to wait very long! It was also the FASTEST hiring process I have ever been through. At WF, I applied for my job 3!!!!! TIMES!!!!! And I had to go through the whole interview process and everything. It was just a touch humiliating to have to tell them that I'm the best to do my own D@MN job and then not get hired for it. Apparently someone else was better at doing my job with no training than I was after doing it for months.

Anyway, this was WOOSH! I found out on Wednesday that Mike was not coming back (I had a feeling, he went on 'vacation' to California for 2 1/2 weeks, and then didn't show up on Monday) and that there was a possibility I would be able to get his spot as a permanent employee. Thursday morning my manager tells me that he just has to talk to HR and get it cleared. A few hours later I get the e-mails to start the pre-screening process. At this point I'm like 'wow...they're moving fast...' I make an appointment for my fingerprinting at 11:30 (it's downtown as well, so I just had to go like 4 blocks). I got my offer letter at 3 freaking 20 yesterday afternoon!!!!!! No interviewing, no hoops to jump through except the usual pre-employment screening stuff...just 'if you want to stay here, you are here'. It was awesome.

I have had all 3 layers of managers already congratulate me, and it feels so great to be wanted and know I'm doing a good job and that people APPRECIATE it!!! The only thing is that I don't feel any...different. Like I'm not sure how to do work without a temp voice in my brain since I've been working that way for 3 years. Now I'm not saying I will change the way I work, because I was obviously doing something right in the first place, but it seems like I should be...I don't even know, just different. :-P

So after work, Barbara and I went to dinner and a movie again. We were going to go to Potbelly to save some money, but with yesterday's awesome news, I told her we are going to Macaroni Grill and it is ON ME. She was so happy, and it was so nice to have a celebration dinner! :-D We went to another Rifftrax live event thing. This time they were doing Plan 9 From Outer Space, which is this old Ed Wood movie from like the 60s or 70s, and it is just BAD. Not even so bad it's good, it's just BAD. The guys who did the commentary almost had me out of my seat because I was laughing so hard hahaha.

So yeah...yesterday was freakin AMAZING. I can't believe that all of this has happened at exactly the right time. I'm not sure when I'm moving yet, I haven't actually seen my parents yet. :-P My dad did say that he wanted to wait until it warms up a little bit. I guess 0 is a BIT cold for moving hahaha.

My food and exercise are not doing too badly, I didn't do my WATP yesterday again because I was with Barbara. I have found that I MAY be overtraining though. I'm debating taking Thursdays off of WATP altogether. I would still be working out 5 days a week and I would still do my lunchtime walk. It's something to think about anyway. :-)

Oh oh oh!!! And my present to myself, with my first new and improved paycheck, will be my new, awesome, orgasmic keyboard I have been lusting over for a couple of months now.


(if it doesn't work right, just copy and paste and make sure you get the whole thing).

I have $50 that I saved from Christmas, so I only need the other $80 and it's MINE!!!!

The reason I want this keyboard is 1) Cherry MX mechanical keys...they take less force to press down meaning that you can do things faster 2) Backlighting that you can adjust via a wheel on the top of the keyboard to make it any brightness you want 3) A volume wheel that you can use on the keyboard to turn the volume of your computer up and down.

So yeah, I'm pretty excited about that as well! I guess that's all that I have to say about all that. :-P Only 30 mins until I get to go home and be all excited there!!! :-D Have a GREAT Friday night and weekend people!!!!! :-D emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hey spunkypunky. I know I'm late and just now reading your blogs, but congrats. This amazing news and I am very happy for you. Good Luck with everything...I'm readign the rest of your blogs now, hope everything works out great for you!
    1758 days ago
    I linked through seeing a SPF comment on your page. That's so awesome things are all falling into place for you. When opportunity meets YOUR preparation ( you've EARNED it) that's Success's sweetspot emoticon ! It's encouraging for me to read of yr job struggles/triumph after checkered College career, because that's my challenge right now too. You're a shining example I just gotta keep doing the right thing in baby steps. emoticon
    1872 days ago
    Woohoo!! Congratulations! That's a fantastic present for yourself, too! I love my mechanical keyboard soooo much... even if it's a BIT loud.

    As far as being a temp vs. your now "official" status... I think the biggest change is perspective, not necessarily what you DO. It's like renting an apartment versus owning a house. In an apartment, "Meh, I stained the carpet. They'll just charge me when I move out." Compared with, "Aghh! If I don't get this stain out, I'm going to have to see it for EVER!" More personal responsibility and caring about YOUR home, if that makes sense.

    You'll do great!
    1872 days ago
    Congratulations! That is fantastic! And the move? Also awesome! This could be a really good thing for you! I know that some of the family drama and the family's less-than-stellar food choices have made things difficult.... as well as the family eating your low-cal foods and replacing them with junk foods. This could really help you get some stuff done that you've wanted to try before! I know you mentioned wanting to try doing batch-meals for the week, but that your family would eat it and you'd be left with no pre-packed lunches, etc. You could try that now!! This is all really exciting :D
    1873 days ago
    I am so excited for you on so many levels! I'm glad this was an "easy" hiring for you. I am so glad that the management recognized your talents and are willing to share congrats with you. It really makes one feel like a desired part of the team. Way to go!! emoticon
    1873 days ago
    Awesome News!!! I knew I didn't like Wells Fargo for some reason! :-P

    So glad to hear this and your background story was an interesting read, I'm glad to hear this has all turned out for the good :-) It's good to see that your walking buddy needs a roommate!
    1873 days ago
    Okay, first off..... 2013, THE YEAR OF MICHELLE!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    I am so glad there was no hoops to jump through, they are lucky to have you!

    You deserve that awesome keyboard, and the celebratory dinner and having it be "on you" had to be the best feeling! I am so excited that you are moving and it sounds like you and Barbara will have a blast. I think it's great she likes to walk with you because it sounds like she will not be one to detour you from your healthy lifestyle! It sounds like everything is falling into place and not only am I ecstatic for you but I am so proud of you!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1873 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    Sending congrats on the job front, and wishing you much success .
    1873 days ago
    OMG GIRL CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's about time! =)
    1873 days ago
    Congrats, Michelle! About time they came to their senses :)
    1873 days ago
    Good things come to those who wait AND WORK THEIR BUTTS OFF! You have done both, and you deserved this like NO OTHER. Michelle, I am so proud of you!
    1873 days ago
    Congratulations! I am so excited that you got a permenant job.
    1873 days ago
    Congrats on becoming a permanent employee! That plus moving into your own place sounds really exciting! All your hard work and effort finally paid off and you definitely should celebrate.

    My boyfriend wanted to try to find Plan 9 on Netflix, but we couldn't find it. We did watch Killer Klowns from Outer Space though, which was a hoot. I hadn't seen it in years!
    1873 days ago
    Congrats on your "new" job! It sounds like things are going really well for you right now- doing the happy dance! Super fun to have a meal out on the town too! Good luck with your move; have a great weekend! Keep on Sparkin'! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1873 days ago
  • KELLY19770
    Fantastic! I am so happy for you!
    1873 days ago
    That is such great news, congratulations to you!!
    1873 days ago
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