Love Yourself Enough to Work Harder

Friday, February 01, 2013

Sometimes it's difficult to love ourselves in spite of our own faults and weaknesses. My daughter has said more than once, "Mom, you're hard on people." And I always respond, "I'm never harder on anyone else than I am myself." I have high expectations for the people I love -- especially when I know they are capable of more. I never intend for it to be judgmental, but rather encouraging. I also have high expectations of myself.

Often times I'll have days when I exercise and feel like I've never accomplished more. I love that feeling after you've working out, where you almost break into a cold sweat but yet you a burst of energy. On those days I'll go home after a full day of work, and a workout, and accomplish even more around home.

Today my lunch time strength and core workout felt really tough. Even my 15 minutes of warm up on the Arc Trainer felt like a lot of work and I wasn't pushing, just warming up. My trainer was so encouraging. She could see how I was feeling, but she didn't give up on me and she also didn't give in to me. Her gentle voice, "Just push right through it, just keep pushing" got me through each time. It once again reminded me of how fortunate I am to have student trainers to work with again this semester. I wish everyone could have this kind of opportunity.

After my workout, I saw this quote and it sums it up, at least for me. It can be applied at any level.

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