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My Personal Pledge to Getting It Right This Time!!!!

Friday, February 01, 2013

Today, I read a very honest and common experience by a fellow Sparker re: their re-commitment to their weight loss after a gain of 43 lbs in a 6 month period due to an unexpected, extremely stressful period in her life. The devastating awareness and shock that she expressed feeling upon realizing that she had gained that much weight, done that much "damage", in that short a period was ... uncomfortably familiar. Her sharing also made me think about my own journey and how very different I want this leg to be than any of my past weight loss efforts and what I am willing to commit to doing differently here out!

Of course I've been there with massive weight increases due to one real or "perceived real" crisis after the next. I'm finally realizing that stress and crises ARE a part of living. The notion that at some point and time the unexpected, dramatic changes in life won't happen or won't leave me spinning (at least a little bit) is probably the most unrealistic notion of them all.

So, it's all about how I deal with and approach managing the stressful times. Since December 4, 2012, I made a commitment to ME - to my lifelong, deepest, most heartfelt desire to finally, finally release 200 lbs of excess weight that I have accumulated over the last 24 years. A part of me didn't believe it could be done, but thankfully that part was "out voted" by my highest Self that BELIEVES powerfully in my ability to change and in the fact that I AM WORTHY OF LIVING MY DREAMS!

So, I began by committing myself to an eating plan that has removed all of the dietary and physical food cravings that have preceded the downfall of weight loss attempts before: i.e., no sugar, fruit, lower fat, grains, starch, nuts, cheeses and most dairy. It's the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol. It has shut down my pancreas and put me in a state of "ketosis" so my body uses my existing BODY FAT as FUEL to burn, instead of the excessive carbohydrates I was feeding it from the sugars, grains and processed foods I was eating. One of the GREAT side benefits, is that without the trigger foods in my diet, and the excess INSULIN my pancreas was secreting to counterbalance the excess carbs and sugars, I don't have the cravings or urges to binge on the very foods that created the crazy cycle either! So that knee-jerk, physiological trigger is out of the picture, which means I have more energy to really focus on productively managing the crisis and enjoying my life!

Next, I've adopted my new health mantra: "Nothing can taste as good as being strong, fit, lean and healthy feel!" With each inch and ounce I release, I am further reminded of this Truth!
I've indulged in a lot of decadent eating in my life. I've even enjoyed a great deal of it. But I've never, consistently had the PLEASURE OF LIVING IN A STRONG, FIT, LEAN AND HEALTHY BODY!

I want this for myself!
I deserve to live this experience for the rest of my life!
I claim this Vision!

So, this is my faithful and solemn pledge:

I promise, to myself, to hold and protect this Vision of LIVING in A Strong, Healthy, Fit and Lean Body now and until the end of my Life.

I promise to make PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL choices that will honor and uphold this commitment to myself!

I promise to LOVE myself fiercely and be compassionate with my Body as it manifests this VISION into a TANGIBLE, PHYSICAL REALITY!!!

emoticon YES I CAN!!! emoticon
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