Friday, February 01, 2013

Woke up with a raging headache, but quickly got up and I'm all better now. Had a breakfast of poached eggs, chicken apple sausage, toast, and mate tea. Did the dishes and provoked the cat (doesn't take much). Need to finish my dive class tests. Contemplating finishing my taxes (they are all done, I just wanted to wait a few days before sending them off, in case I remembered some huge deduction I could claim, "damn I forgot I adopted that kid last year!" lol). Contemplating making naan bread to go with the leftover chicken masala I'm having for lunch. While naan is pretty simple as far as yeast breads go, it seems a bit ambitious considering I only have 30 minutes to eat lunch today.
My muscles are all sore and need exercise to shake off this over-worked feeling, but I am going to hold off because I know the dive class will be too stressful for me to do so much in one day. Plus the neighborhood the gym is in is a swarm of insane cars and shopping malls. It's like if Beaverton were in New York City (as I imagine New York City to be). Every time I drive there, I come close to crying. And there are no roads with a bike lane between here and there, so it's crackled sidewalk riding (ugh). Last time I drove there, I was deafened by numerous cars laying on their horns. There must have been about 5 cars each in 3 directions that couldn't move because one car wasn't moving at an intersection. When the honking continued, the car moved forward- into a pillar. The driver continued to ram itself into this pillar, over and over again, until the car went from looking normal to completely demolished. There was a passenger in the car, so I assume if it was some sort of medical emergency, the passenger would have done something. It was so deafening to hear the honking and the metal-bashing, and so sad to watch this car get ruined for reasons I couldn't understand. I mention this to the boy, who drives in Seattle much more than me, and he is nonplussed. He says he's seen countless cars drive into things randomly like that. It's bad enough that the lights have no timing (so you can't drive steadily down any road at any speed), that some lights cycle though without ever turning green (I'll watch the pedestrian crosswalk turn, but the lights never do), that it is customary for drivers to pause at length at every green light (I can see why, you never know what is going to happen), and drive through red lights (I can also see why- with the lack of light timing and pausing at greens, I regularly sit through 3 or 4 green lights at one intersection before I am able to go. Even if I am the first person at the intersection I have to wait because it's backed up across the street and I have nowhere to move to!) and the incorrect treatment of roundabouts (I drive through about 15 roundabouts on the way to work, and while Seattle is consistent (they yield to the person on the right-even if the person on the right is blocks away and they are already in the intersection blocking off any other car from going through), it would be much more legal of Seattle to yield to the right ONLY when multiple cars come to the roundabout at the same time, just like a 4-way stop.
Anyway, I digress. I didn't mean to write about driving in this blog, but, hey, I did.
Anyway, the mood is much improved. I was just overworked, that's all it was. I have much to appreciate. I have a kitchen! I love having a kitchen! I haven't had one for years! And, while small, it's a pretty damn nice kitchen! There's even a dishwasher! And I have a basil plant- that is sprouting new leaves! All I need now is a compost receptacle, and the kitchen will be complete (we can put compost into the yard debris bins outside, so I don't even need a bin. Sadly, the boy is adamantly against compost, and refuses to participate (we have strongly opposing opinions on so many things I have to pick my battles). I resolved to get my own receptacle and just use it on my own in spite of his hatred, but sort of forgot about it along the way. Wow, another digression. I also had no plans on writing about kitchens, lol. I must feel like writing today.
OK. Well, perhaps I will write more once I get my tests.
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