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1 month check-in!

Friday, February 01, 2013

Can you believe we've already made it through one month of 2013 already?! How is that even possible? Does anyone else feel like time passes much more quickly the older we get? I swear when I was in college and law school it always felt like time was standing still - especially law school - gosh a month felt like an entire year! And now the time just breezes by!

January was a pretty good month overall! This is how I am doing so far with my 2013 goals! :)

emoticon Lose 15lbs.
I am down 1.5 lbs this month. I started off the month really great - working out and eating healthy. Even our trip to NJ didnt derail me. But then last weekend we went on our ski weekend, and we ate like crap. The funny thing is we didnt even eat out! We just had a ton of food in our condo (and a kitchen to cook it all) and even though you thnk you are eating healthy because its home-cooked, those portion sizes really sneak up on you! This week, even though back to normal at work again, I have still struggled, but when I stepped on the scale this morning I was glad to see I didnt actually gain anything from the past week or so, so I guess maybe I am naturally doing better.

I am working really hard on controlling my afternoon snacking - trying to figure out which snacks help me feel fuller vs which snacks cause me to eat more (oranges have this effect on me, but I love them!).

Overall, though, I think that this has been a good month and I am happy at least dropping 1.5 lbs.

emoticon Run two 1/2 marathons.
January was a great running month for me. This was the first month in like a year that I stayed consistent with my running - getting in 3 runs each week. My mileage only totalled around 25 miles the entire month, but I was really working on making sure I consistently run each week, and keeping a base of 3 miles to begin half marathon training.

I officially began half marathon training last week and had a fantastic week! I did all three runs outside because I got lunch with the weather! I did 2 miles on Monday, 2.25 miles on Thursday, and 4 miles on Friday (while we were at the ski resort!). My long run only called for 3 miles but I was feeling really good and decided to push out 4 and felt great! So far this week, I have done 2 of my three runs, and will have my long run tomorrow of 4-5 miles! Although it snowed this week so I was stuck doing my runs on the treadmill, the weather is looking good again and will be up in the 50s this weekend and most of the snow is gone, so I am planning to get in an outdoor run!

I've also been working hard to get in my cross training and some full body circuit workouts doing body weight exercises, especially squats, lunges, burpees, pushups. My arms are looking more defined and my stomach, especially the upper part, is looking flatter. Whatever I am doing appears to be working, so I am going to keep that up as well.

J and I just signed up for this year's Lazyman Triathlon on our base, so that will definitely help with the cross training, and I am looking forward to getting back to swimming too! I am contemplating a triathlon later in the year, so this will help me make that decision as well.

emoticon Read 40 books.
I have read 3 books so far this year, so I am on track so far with this goal. I have been getting in some reading everynight before bed, and it really helps me relax. It has also helped me not fall asleep with the tv on, which I think is helping me sleep better. The books I read this year are:

Blue Fall (The Tournament, Book 1) by B.B. Griffith
I really really enjoyed this book. It's about this interesting tournament pitting different countries against each other - each team has 3 members. It's hard to really explain without giving it away, so I cant go into too much detail. I was hooked - read the first half on the plane ride to NJ, and finished it on the way back to CO. I was shocked by the ending and I'm really looking forward to the next book - I need to see what happens!

Pines by Blake Crouch
The description of this book sounded really interesting but overall I was unimpresed. It took a while for me to get interested in it, and even then I felt like I just didnt care what really happened. The ending had a pretty big surprise, but honestly it was super unbelievable. Essentially this FBI agent goes to this small town looking for two other agents who went there and disappeared. As soon as he arrives in town he gets in a car accident, wakes up in a hospital. No one will tell him anything, and he cant seem to leave the town. Everytime he tries, it seems like someone will try to kill him to prevent him from leaving. The town felt very Stepford Wives, but the twist was just too unbelievable.

Deception Point by Dan Brown
I love Dan Brown books and this was the only had I hadnt read yet (I am excited he has a new one coming out this spring!). NASA discovers a meteorite that may have signs of extraterrestrial life, but when an NRO agent and two other scientists learn it might be a fake, someone very powerful in DC tries to have them killed. In true Dan Brown fashion they are travelling to different locations, and of course there is some fear of water involved. I was completely shocked to find out who was trying to kill them! It took me a while to get through it, but overall I really enjoyed it.

emoticon Identify one positive thing each day.
I have done this pretty much everyday. If I miss a day, I just go back and add it in the next day. So I have 31 positive things so far this year. Some of them are pretty simple like "I got in a workout before work" and others are work related like "I was assigned my first client for my new job." It definitely helps to write something down, especially when the day didnt go so well - its nice to really search for one thing to be proud of / happy about.

emoticon Minimize eating out.
I did really well initially with not eating out, but then I kind of fell off that wagon last week a bit. I am not eating out nearly as much as I was, so that is an improvement. I have been obsessed with taking salads in a jar for lunch! They actually are really satisfying too. I even made my own salad dressing this week! So I am going to keep doing this for lunch. I am also going to start doing even more batch cooking. My boyfriend tends to cook like once every 6 weeks and freezes everything, and then has tons of options. I make fun of him for it, but I think I might start doing this as well - I need more tupperware containers though... But I think this will definitely help with having more options for dinner when I come home - this is the main cause of my eating out. I usually only have one or two options for the entire week, and I get bored by like Wednesday/Thursday.

emoticon Overall, I am happy with how the month of January went and I am excited to move into February. My birthday is this month - I will be turning 30! We still dont have any plans for my birthday, and we still have not decided whether to attend the Air Force Ball. My mother gave me $300 for my birthday so I am planning to buy a new digital camera and then potentially use the rest of it for a bike trainer so I can ride my road bike at my house. I am still feeling really excited about running and I am looking forward to continuing with my half marathon training.

I also officially started my new position as Special Victims Counsel, and I have one client so far. I am really excited to have this new position of essentially victims' rights lawyering, and I am interested to see how it will all work out. I am being considered for a position full-time (a new assignment this summer) so I am really hoping that will work out.

Work became really busy this past month and I dont anticipate it slowing down a bit until the end of February, but it is much better to be busy than not be busy, so I am not complaining. :)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • KELBOO99
    Way to go on your goals this month. I am so impressed. You are such a motivation to me and I really appreciate someone with such similar goals keeping me on track. I am also going to lobby you to do the Thelma and Louise half in Moab June 1st. It was my first last year and amazing and it benefits Girls on the Run of Western Colorado (I am a coach and a Board member)... I am also signing up for the Mammoth Marathons 10k in Grand Junction (too close to do back to back long races with T&L) and of course the Denver Rock and Roll! Keep on keeping on!
    1362 days ago
  • COOP9002
    Looks like you're right on track on your goals. Glad to see that you are so focused at such a young age. Unlike, NatPlummer, i am older than the Super Bowl.

    Have a great weekend!
    1363 days ago
    I totally agree time passes more quickly as we get older...even if it seems like some days/weeks drag.
    I find that I sometimes really need to eat prepackaged food because at least it is portioned out for me...I have a bad habit of giving myself too big portions of home cooked things.
    1.5 pounds is great!!
    You are doing fab with the running...I can't wait to hear about the HMs :-)
    Yay for Lazyman Triathlon!!
    30 is young...if it's any consolation, I will be the age of the superbowl this month.
    1363 days ago
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