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It's CRUNCH time @ the consignment gallery! Sooo many pretty things!

Friday, February 01, 2013

emoticon I honestly have the BEST~EST job in the entire world.

I get more than my daily dose of work outs mixed into an environment that is stimulating and FUN!

I run up and down this monster staircase at least 10-15 times a day during season hopping up there to answer customers questions. It's full of beautiful items and it makes me sad how many customers have to miss seeing them because they have let themselves get SO out of shape they can't climb them. It's such a pity how we sometimes entrap ourselves into a limited life because of our food choices.

Believe me...it's just as easy to get full on REAL foods rather than processed crap food just for the sake of saving some planning time. I really have to plan to eat healthy but I feel so much better when I do.

If I have junk...or processed...I immediately feel my energy levels plummet...and do you know processed crap can actually make you feel depressed because of all the toxins and chemicals they pump into it?

Giving up soda was the BEST choice I ever made 3 years ago. It's laden with chemicals that increase your chances of Alzheimer's and it has stuff in it that actually makes you CRAVE more of the crap that is making big foodies RICH...and you and I sick! No wonder our little ones are bouncing off the walls and full of ADHD...their little bodies can't process the stuff and it literally makes them CRAZY! emoticon

Okay...jumps down off soapbox, and pats skirt into place with modest smirk. emoticon But...I kid you not...get educated...it's ALL true! And as wonderful as sparkland is..they promote the heck out of this crap which seems a bit brazen...but in order to keep the site free to all of us health loving customers...this is what they must do to rack in the revenues. We know that...but isn't it a shame that there aren't enough HEALTHY food suppliers out there to promote instead? Even if there were...they'd never have the clout or the marketing budgets that the fake foodies do.

Just sayin'.... emoticon emoticon

Sooo the gallery is brimming full of the MOST beauteous stuff. You'd NEVER ever believe this stuff isn't brand new. It's in SUCH good shape!

Look at this darling 'art table' its all hand wrought, and is the cutest little thing ever. It has dancers all the way around the bottom that have the most interesting electro-plated colors on them. Then the lamp is whimsical as well. I had a hard time setting a price on it as it is SO unique and different from anything I've ever accepted in for consignment before.

AND...check out those sweet little leopard spot Adarondiak chairs I had a carpenter whip up then I added my leopard PA~ZAZZZZ..truly thought I had them sold the other day...she said she'd have to leave and think on it because she made too many impulse buys. Poop...haven't seen her since...I say HURRAY for impulse...when you are moved...you are moved!

I feel it's my duty to my consignees to assign a proper price on their items. If they put things in our gallery they can rest assured that we take the time to research, display, promote, and dust their items to the best of our ability.

I'm always anxious to take in the unusual and the eclectic...that's me to a tee! Our customers always tell us that we are the FIRST shoppe they go to on their hunting excursions and that's just music to my ears! emoticon It really makes all our hard work worth while!

This comfy La Z Boy just made it to a new home in time for the super bowl party Sunday! So glad to move that big boy out of the gallery. Speaking of Super Bowl...this Sunday we will be hosting up to 50 at our house...am I glutton for punishment or what?

But...I'm thinking as long as we have this big beautiful house that we are fighting so hard to hang onto...we'd better use it to it's FULL ability! The next place will most likely be mouse sized. With what we pay on our commercial space for the biz..we just don't have the budget for something much larger. So for now...PARTY ON right!

I LOVE this cute little bombay chest...it's got plenty of storage and I envision it with a swanky zebra effect on it. But who has the time to do all those fun projects? I just wish I could clone myself...seriously...I do!

Now for the FUN stuff that is coming in. I have worked with a customer all this past week to get the timing and logistics right to bring in a lot of her things. Believe me...it's a FULL time job just coordinating our schedule to meet our customers schedules..especially when its a home that they have under contract. Nothing can be done until their appraisal comes back and she hears for sure that the house is indeed sold.

I usually don't get excited about sectionals...they are a taste specific item and most of the places that consignment customers are shopping for are second homes and way too small to accommodate such a large item. But this one is one to SWOON for...all custom and in perfect condition. It is the palest shade of powder blue and just beautiful! I'll squeeze it in somewhere..speaking of Super Bowl..this would be the perfect place to hang out watching the game! No greasy buffalo wings though...beer, wings, and powder blue...do NOT play nicely!

Oh...the hand wringing, and the e-mails, and the resident shrink hats that a consignment gallery owner goes through...but it's worth it...SOOOO worth it to offer these things of beauty to our customers!

These leather barstools are the cat's meow and like new!

I'm SOOO in love with this little kitchen set. It has a leaf that expands the table into an oval. It's still on trend and just charming!

She has many more lovely items...but I've got to dash..it's a busy day ahead and I need to get my ducks in a row!

Enjoy your day and stay sparky my friends. Think about WHAT you are eating BEFORE you eat it...make sure it's REAL and not something masquerading as real....honestly that alone can be quite the challenge but you can do it...I know you can! If I can do it...there's always hope in the universe! emoticon emoticon

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