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One month of goal work

Friday, February 01, 2013

January is now history. The first month of 2013 where we were able to work on our goals is now behind us. How did we do? As I look back, I figured out a lot of things ...

* how to be satisfied without snacking me way through the evening
* how to get up in the mornings and get the bulk of my exercise in
* how to get to bed on time most nights
* how to be at peace most of the time

I know better that life is progress, not perfection and I'm becoming more satisfied with that.

I saw this list of tips for a healthier me and I want to keep track of them, so I'm keeping them here:

1. Use healthy cooking methods. Bake, broil, boil, poach, or grill foods instead of frying.
2. Eat breakfast every day. Skipping meals can affect your metabolism and may lead to eating more at night.
3. Make more meals at home. Not sure where to start? Google one of your favorite foods and try a new recipe!
4. Drink more water. Thirst can be mistaken for hunger. Drink one large glass of water before each meal and keep water with you between meals to stay hydrated.
5. Be active 30 minutes per day. Make it fun by playing with your kids, walking your dog or playing a sport like tennis.
6. Be mindful when eating. Sit down while eating, use small plates, and pay attention to when your stomach is full.
7. Keep a daily food journal. Writing down every bite that goes into your mouth helps keep you accountable for what you are eating.
8. Use your support system. Keep yourself motivated by getting support from family or friends.
9. Get plenty of sleep. Too little sleep affects hormones that control hunger, mood and appetite. Aim for 7 hours a night to stay healthy.
10. Eat a healthy balanced meal at least once a day.
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