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4 Weeks Postpartum - Part 2

Friday, February 01, 2013

Well, I had my OB/GYN appointment yesterday. Everything checks out just fine. No bleeding, no cysts or anything on my cervix, uterus is back down to the right size, and I'm down below the weight of when I found out I was pregnant in month 4. So all in all, a great appointment. We also set up my surgery to get my tubes tied. I weighed 4 pounds more at the Dr's office than when I weighed at home. I'm pretty sure this was because I had been up all night, and had eaten and drank, so by the time I got to the Doctor's office, it was more like an end of the day weigh instead of a fasting weigh. It's still below when I found out I was pregnant. Weigh in is tomorrow. I'm hoping to be down another pound or so. I've had a couple of crazy eating days, and I'm not exercising much, but I was waiting for my 4 week check to really start exercising.

I also had a bit of spousal sabotage today. I made up my mind this last weekend, that I was going to cut down my Dr Pepper consumption again, and hopefully soon, quit it completely. I told him I was cutting down. Well, just before work, he goes to the convenience store and buys 4 1 litre Dr Peppers. Two are for him, two for me. I told him I appreciated it, but did he realize I was trying to quit? He told me no, he didn't. This isn't the first time he's done this, but this also isn't the first time I've sworn I'd quit drinking them, only to go back after a couple of days. It may not have actually have been sabotage, but an actual lack of communication on my end. But he knows now.

Oh yeah, it's the end of the month. I guess I'll put down my goals for the next month...

emoticon Drink more water. I've gotten alot better about this. I would like to get to 5 cups of straight water a day. I'm getting at least 3 cups right now. I know it doesn't sound like alot but there was a time where I drank 2 litres of Dr Pepper a day, and no water.

emoticon Prepare meals using more fresh ingredients and eat more salads. I've never had a hard time eating vegetables, but fresh ones seem to go to waste at my house. I'm going to try to get better about that and actually eat a salad every other day.

emoticon Cook a large batch of food and freeze portions for quick meals. Also, prep crock pot meals to cook later and freeze. I have quit a few ideas pinned on Pinterest. Now is the time to implement them.

emoticon Start Strength Training this weekend. I'm now 4 weeks postpartum, and am cleared to do most things. I was to get into the habit of exercising. It seems easier for me now than it was with my last child, so this is a good thing.

emoticon Start on the walk/jog program on here or C25K.

emoticon Tomorrow is measurements and weight. My goal this month is to lose between 2 and 5 pounds. Why that range? Because 2 pounds should be easy enough with diet, but 5 pounds will be with some work. I am hoping to prove that I worked this month. I'll be happy with a significant amount of inches lost as well. Regardless, I was some sort of progress to be visible by the end of the month.

emoticon I have surgery to get my tubes tied on the 15th. I am hoping to not gain anything for the 7 days I'll be off work. I'm only actually taking 2 days off, but how my schedule works, it will be 7 days total, and 4 of that will be recovering.

emoticon Work on mine and Cody's relationship some. Things have gotten alot better, recently. But I'm still rather snappish about things. Most of those things are petty. I'm trying to get better about catching myself before I open my mouth, but if I don't, I am working on cooling off and apologizing before either of us really gets resentful.

emoticon Get the darned apartment cleaned. Seriously, the clutter is getting to me. Spring cleaning will happen this year, one way or another. I'm going to work on that when I'm off for my surgery. And Cody will help me with this one.
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  • K1TT3N
    Glad everything is going well. I am glad to see your blog.
    My Dr office scale is always different than the one at home also.I am glad everything checked out good and Hope you have an easy time with the tubal.
    I am on Pintrest also but don't use it to much
    1746 days ago
    What I started doing, is to get my pitcher of water and ice in the morning (64 oz). Then pour glasses from the pitcher. If I finish the pitcher, and I am still thirsty or just able to drink more, only then I can have a flavored drink. For me that is tea or Crystal Light, but for you that could be your Dr. Pepper.

    1751 days ago
  • JO28352
    Great goals! emoticon
    1751 days ago
    nice one
    1751 days ago
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