Paleo is Changing My Life--

Friday, February 01, 2013

I remember telling people that wanted to eat Paleo that they were crazy a few months ago. My best friend has been Paleo on-and-off for about a year and I never saw myself doing it, not ever. Then I bought some literature and decided to try it. Three weeks later and I am down 22 pounds and feel amazing! I've given up diet soda and have two cups of coffee in the morning and then just water the rest of the day.
I have decided to give up everything non-Paleo except for dairy because my calcium is always low (and I love me some milk and yogurt) BUT I am cutting back on dairy. I can see myself giving it up in the future. We are donating all of our non-Paleo food to the food pantry next week as well.
It's been great.

A short, incomplete list of benefits--

I am sleeping now without sleeping pills.
I wake up every morning before my alarm, rested and ready to go.
I am focusing better on homework and work.
I am drinking 10 to 15 glasses of water a day.
I am struggling to eat enough calories because I just feel so full all the time.
I have more energy than I have had in years.
I just feel good, in general, I feel amazing.

When I told my mom I quit sleeping pills after being on them (in some form) since I was 16 years old, she decided to try it to. I made a believer out of her. Now my parents are eating Paleo and my dad is losing weight (finally). He had weight loss surgery scheduled for June bur after starting Paleo, he decided to give natural weight loss one more try. I have been begging him to NOT get surgery for months, so Paleo was a wonderful idea for him as well.

All in all, Paleo isn't for everyone but I never thought it was for me either and now I know that I can never go back to anything else!

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